Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book - Behold the Eye: Braumaru

Coming of age in Braumaru was the time that each in the community found their gift, Micah Zomorah was the same. Not realizing that his dreams may have anything to do with his gift, at first he paid no attention to the dreams. Vicki and her friends (Karen, Cathy, and Tricia) wanted to make there mark in the world and decided on writing a book. Preferring it to be fact and not fiction, the girls set out to find ghosts and goblins. Realizing that maybe they had some special powers of dreaming, Vicki began focusing on that power. Micah had no idea at first that he was dream traveling and not just dream seeing. The whole time the girls and Micah are trying to figure out what is happening to them, there is another that is trying to find that very power to dream travel, with the hopes of traveling to a place - a parallel world - where they might have the power of a royal family.

Book 1 ….. Very interesting concept for a youth fiction book. The addition of the journal entry from a nearly extinct civilization as well as the large cast of characters from several different realms, the mystical, natural gifts that go along with the eye colors (premonition, telepathy and healing) gives a lot to keep track of for this first book of the series. I had a found the jumping back and forth between characters confusing at first, but after a time, and getting to know the characters better, it was easier to follow the progress of the story. Some of the transitions between characters were still a bit abrupt and seemingly out place but I did get used to it, although this may make it more difficult for some young readers to follow. While this story does answer some of it’s own questions, it is a great lead in to the next book of the series, Behold the Eye: Cerulea.
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