Monday, March 29, 2010

Book - Bride Fair

Surviving a prison camp during the Civil War, Max Woodard knew coming back to that same North Carolina town would bring it all back. He was sure that as the new Colonel of the occupying army he could be fair, but he still wanted to know them for some reason. Maria Rose Markham had suffered the loss of two brothers, and a fiancé because of the war and having to house them was insult to injury for her and her father. The new Colonel showed and she knew what would happen, she also knew her situation had changed. The need to protect and care for her father and her friend was was still the main reason for her actions, but now she needed to plan for a future that was different than she expected it to be. If she could help Max know what he wanted to know about the town, could he really help her in return.

Funny, I didn’t realize that The Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis was related - character wise - to the Bride Fair. The main male character of Bride Fair is talked about a lot in Prisoner, while the male and female characters of Prisoner are talked about in Bride Fair. I don’t think it is a series, but knowing the Prisoner story first did make the Bride Fair just a bit better. I liked this story, I liked the characters for the most part. I really enjoyed Max and Perkins (wouldn’t mind finding a story for him). Not sure why I was not as fond of Maria, maybe she just hid her feelings too much even from the readers. I didn’t really feel for her and if I cant’ get that connection with a characters I don’t usually like them as much. Had a connection with Max and Sergeant Major Perkins. ( )

Book - Stranded!

A road trip home for two long time friends winds up in a ditch after hitting a deer and leaving them without a car for the night. Finding a vacant cabin was good luck, but spending the night with Kelley was going to be rough for Roddick since he had loved her for as long as he could remember. Just now noticing that he was a man, Kelley was surprised to find herself attracted to her best friend, he was like a brother and until this trip she had never seen him as anything other than the boy she had always known. Roddick took care of her, always, and this trip was no different.

A short, quick book. The set up was good, then the realization of the feelings was ok, and then the admissions of those feelings felt wrong to me. Time spent on the story was almost wasted because of how shallow she was. Roddick’s crush, his attempt at a mature approach, his angst over Kelley was good, but she was a brat and I never got what he liked about her….. To each his own, but as a character she brought the story down - in my opinion.( )

Book - Doomsday Can Wait

Adjusting to what she now knows to be part of her life, Liz Phoenix also realizes that she can’t do it alone. No training could prepare her to fight the demons that are trying to bring on doomsday, but to go into it as a seer and a DK (demon killer) leaves her with her wits, the little bit of information that her ghost of a mentor givers her through her dreams, visions and a voice she hears every time a demon is around and anyone who could possibly help her. The help available isn’t the most reliable either. Her ex-boyfriend Jimmy became a vampire and tried to kill her, then there is Summer, a faerie more interested in Jimmy than anything else, and Sawyer in a skin walker who trains the new recruits for the secret federation that Liz now finds herself the leader of. Sawyer is good at bringing out the special talents of each new recruit, but no one knows where his allegiance lies especially now that Liz has found out that his mother is one strong demon that she feels only she will be able to kill, even though no one knows how to do that.

Book 2 ….. Ok, I wasn’t sure about this series after reading the first one. This one did redeem it a bit for me. The concept of the leader being thrown into the position blind is always good, especially when up against something that they didn’t even knew existed until recently. Some of the characters grew on me. I really didn’t like any of them all that much after the last book, but by the end I did actually like Sawyer a lot and Jimmy a little. Still not a big fan of Liz for some reason, maybe it was that she is the cocky type, which in her circumstance seemed out of place and reckless. Still it was enough of an improvement to the series for me to look at reading the next one - Apocalypse Happens

quote from page 108 of the book, Liz was looking down at a wound on her chest and thought …..
“Since I’d never been killed before, I wasn’t sure how long it would last or how well it would heal.” ( )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book - Behold the Eye: Cerulea

Even as Vickie finally arrived safely through dream travel into a different world, Micah and Shanti promised to help her return home. Not knowing how she had traveled through her dreams in the first place made it more difficult to know how to get back. With the addition of a new friend (Dafyyd), they decided that what they needed was information, and so they found a way to go to the town of Cerulea, the land of the blue eyed, where they were know for the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of each of the special gifts that they had been given. Being in Cerulea proved more difficult than they expected because of the telepathy that the Cerulean’s used as a form of communication. With both Micah and Shanti (having one blue eye) were mentally prepared to block the noise, but forgot that Vickie lacked that skill as well as the one needed to stop her own thoughts from being projected out to everyone, loudly. While the arrival of another (Roland) to this land went almost unnoticed until the time that Roland decided Vickie was the key to realizing his big plans. Big hopes of a powerful future, in his own opinion, he knew what he wanted, he knew how to plan it, he knew what he needed, he knew what he deserved and he knew what he was born for, he just had to find a way to get Vickie to help him fulfill that destiny.

Book 2 ….. This book was a lot easier to follow than the first book was. I am pretty sure that it is because I knew the characters a little better, and the I understand the concept and the direction of the story. While each of the characters have a unique personality to them, I just don’t completely get the motivation behind some of them. Vickie wants to go home, Dafyyd is just in it for the adventure I think, but what about Micah and Shanti, do they feel guilty for getting Vickie stuck in their world? This story does still do a lot of jumping around like the first book did, with all of Vickie’s friends doing the journal (which was kind of a neat way of portraying their feelings), all of the dream seeing even with her mom, the bits of Roland with his planning and even his daughters diary entries, while less confusing than the first book, still bounced from place to place quite a bit. I am interested in seeing more - like Tricia (one of Vickie’s friends) apologizing for being jealous - as well as seeing if Vickie finally finds a way home, in the next book (Behold the Eye: Viridia) .
( )

Monday, March 22, 2010

Book - The Present

Family coming together for the holiday season only to discover that while some are happy and content in their relationships, others of the Malory family still have some things to work out. Having all of the nieces, nephews and brothers around was good for Jason (the eldest of the Malory brothers), if only he could convince the woman he has loved for such a long time to finally marry him. With the arrival of the family, they also noticed of a present on the table that temps the whole family until one night, most of them congregate with the sole purpose of discovering what the present is, who it is for and who left it there. Opening it, they discovered a journal that is an accounting of how their great grandparents met, fell in love and married. The present may be just a good book to some of them, but for others it could change the way they look at their own lives.

Book 6 ….. Yes, I read out of order and now remember why I don’t like doing that. There are a lot of characters, and if I had read the previous 5 books I would have known them all I am sure. Even with the struggles to keep each of them straight from the other, I found that this was a very fun and interesting way of recounting a love from a previous generation. I did enjoy the little bit about the family gathering, the little disputes between siblings and the teasing of the In-Laws, but the story of the Gypsies and the good luck charms, while obvious, was still a good story. I am deffinalty interseted in reading more of this family, but I think the next one will be book 1 (Love Only Once). ( )

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book - Lover Unbound

Confronted with a new set of rules for his life, Vishous is resigned to it, until he is shot and taken to a human hospital to be treated. His visions had stopped, but the one of his surgeon seemed clear, he needed to keep her with him. To Dr. Jane Whitcomb every case got her attention and she was determined to save the newest of her patience even after finding herself kidnapped, she didn’t change that determination. Fight for her patient, fight for her life, fight for her freedom, she had the fight that impressed him more than any women ever had and looking into his future, ever would.

Book 5 ….. While I loved the story and the characters, the ending sort of ticked me off. With all the other Brothers, the happy ending felt right, this one felt way, way to forced. It seemed like it was just a quick fix to make it appear a happily ever after. The lack of lessers in this story was also a bit of let down, before there was almost too much emphasis on them, this one had a very large and obvious lack of the enemy. Too many of the characters were likeable, no one to root against. Even Manny, as much as I hate it, I kind of liked him and his ability to sense things were off. And what was with the enormous hints and clues to the coming story lines, I mean is there all that much left to tell other than logistics about Phury or the ‘how-do-they-come-together’ for John - not that it will stop me from reading on, this group is quite additive for me and I really enjoy the tidbits of the others, although we still don‘t know how Tohr is doing and if he will ever return, but I do like the fact that they still talk about him and Wellsie. Next up is the continuing story of Phury in Lover Enshrined.
( )

Book - In My Dreams

A series of short stories about the small town of Clementine. Following mostly the family of Louise, her mother and her great Aunt Sophie. Some of the stories that revolve around Louise show how she is faced with the death of her father, the re-marriage of her mother, and then there are stories about life in the small town - like Aunt Sophie and her friends just chatting at the salon.

A very cute compilation of short stories. I got this as an audio book from Audible and the short stories were the perfect quick fix for something to listen to at random times. After enjoying both Garden Spells and Sugar Queen, this was a fun addition
( )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book - Behold the Eye: Braumaru

Coming of age in Braumaru was the time that each in the community found their gift, Micah Zomorah was the same. Not realizing that his dreams may have anything to do with his gift, at first he paid no attention to the dreams. Vicki and her friends (Karen, Cathy, and Tricia) wanted to make there mark in the world and decided on writing a book. Preferring it to be fact and not fiction, the girls set out to find ghosts and goblins. Realizing that maybe they had some special powers of dreaming, Vicki began focusing on that power. Micah had no idea at first that he was dream traveling and not just dream seeing. The whole time the girls and Micah are trying to figure out what is happening to them, there is another that is trying to find that very power to dream travel, with the hopes of traveling to a place - a parallel world - where they might have the power of a royal family.

Book 1 ….. Very interesting concept for a youth fiction book. The addition of the journal entry from a nearly extinct civilization as well as the large cast of characters from several different realms, the mystical, natural gifts that go along with the eye colors (premonition, telepathy and healing) gives a lot to keep track of for this first book of the series. I had a found the jumping back and forth between characters confusing at first, but after a time, and getting to know the characters better, it was easier to follow the progress of the story. Some of the transitions between characters were still a bit abrupt and seemingly out place but I did get used to it, although this may make it more difficult for some young readers to follow. While this story does answer some of it’s own questions, it is a great lead in to the next book of the series, Behold the Eye: Cerulea.
( )

Book - Surrender the Heart

Being dragged to Paris for the season, Ariane de Valmont had to find a way to get her father to back off, not to mention all the eligible men that were paying unwanted attention to her. She was just not interested in marriage, it was just another way a man could gain control over a women and Ariane didn’t want anything to do with it. After the death of his father, Christopher Blanchard had very few reasons to be in Paris and every desire to get it over with. The ghosts of his past were following him through out Paris and as he did his best to ignore them, Ariane approached him with a most inappropriate deal, one that he saw as an amusing way to pass his time in Paris.

A typical Historical Romance, one where the main plot of the story is all about both people not feeling comfortable telling the truth about how they really feel. The author showed just how matched they were with each decision not to admit to their feeling by doing an almost word for word - he thought she thought - a couple of different times. Some part of me found that funny, another part found it a bit obvious, but the effect in the end was overall a good one.
( )

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book - Lover Revealed

Finally finding a place that he fits in, Butch O’Neal and his vampire roommate seemed to understand each other. Always being kept out of the action made him a little stir crazy until after he had been involved in an attack where the lessers (society out to destroy the vampire race) took Butch captive and tortured him for information about the brotherhood - his friends. Seeing him broken and possibly infected didn’t stop Marissa from rushing to his bed side, even if he didn’t seem to want her there now. He had been the only man to ever make her feel the way he did. She had met him several months before, but for some reason the feelings she had for him would not go away. The threats that the society were making to the vampires only made everyone more nervous, so after being kicked out of the only home she had ever known, she went to the king for refuge and found herself living with the brotherhood that Butch wanted to be a part of.

Book 4 ….. *Sigh* That is a great story. Even though there was a lot of other stuff stuck in it, a lot of information on other brothers and even some of the lessers that took a lot of time away from Butch, Marissa, V and John. I found some of the back information about Butch and V really interesting and am eager to learn more of Vishous. The transformation of Marissa was great while the continuing story of Wrath, Rhage and Z was so fabulous to see. This is a great example of why some series do so well - once you get to know the characters they are like old friends that you really care about. I am still very concerned for Tohr, John, Phury and now we can add V to that list, and from what I understand, is the next one (Lover Unbound). ( )

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book - Lover Awakened

The kidnapping of a civilian male vampire was bad enough, but when the Brotherhood found out that one of their females, one that had been in their home, had been taken… nothing was going to stop them from finding her. Even after several weeks, Zsadist was still just as obsessed with avenging Bella as he was the moment heard she was missing. Once he knew she was safe from the Lessening Society, he knew that he had to keep her safe from himself. She needed to be safe and clean and with someone more deserving than himself. His quest for retribution continued as Bella realized her feelings for him, even though he was still pushing her away.

Book 3 ….. I was really looking forward to this book, I wanted to see the transformation of Z and how Bella played a part. I did enjoy that part, even if the needing time was a bit over the top. The background of Z and his twin Phury, the emotional highs and lows of some of the other members of the brotherhood were more compelling and much more memorable. (** Spoilers **) I usually don’t like romances that I don’t see from the beginning, but I had grown very attached to Tohr and Wellsie. Seeing their relationship through the eyes of Rhage and John has been almost as good, how - why - in the end (as strange as it sounds - I know it is just a book), my concern is for Tohr and John and Phury. And just to keep everyone on their toes, the vision that Vishous had about Butch is kind of a big tease for the upcoming book (Lover Revealed). ( )

Monday, March 8, 2010

Book - Lover Eternal

Not enjoying her job, being asked to take time off from her volunteer position and finding that she was sick again, left Mary Luce open to new possibilities. Meeting a young man (John) and having her beautiful neighbor Bella take an interest, lead them all to the training center for the brothers. After having a particularly bad night with his beast, Rhage was still recuperating when he heard the voice that seemed to soothe him. Tracking her down and convincing her of his interest in her was more difficult that he had imagined. With more of the civilians being kidnapped by the lessers, the brothers have to redouble their efforts to locate and stop them. The addition of Mary, another human into their world changes things for all of the brothers, but just how things will change will take a while to figure out.

Book 2 ….. Ok, I am hooked, I was so hoping that after the first book, the getting the foundation of the story out, that it would get better. Oh My Goodness gracious it got a lot better. The action, the emotion, the ups and downs all come together and leave me wanting a lot more. Rhage has his different sides, and then there is his beast complete with its own personality. The additional information about the twins (Zsadist and Phury) even the extra tidbits of the other brothers was so much more fun this time, now that I know a little more about them. The teasers are obvious, but they are still great to have, luckily I don’t have to image for long, I already have a copy of the next book (Lover Awakened) and I believe, with any luck, it is Z’s story. ( )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book - Trouble in Paradise

Trouble was what she was in when Ellie Fitzsimmons realized that she was being fired from her job as a serving girl because she was pregnant. With no where to go and no family to rely on, she made the dramatic decision to use her new pen pal as an excuse to move from New York to Nebraska. Receiving a letter about the impending arrival of the lady that had been corresponding with him, Parker McMillan had to inform his brother Roy about their houseguest. As confirmed bachelors, the McMillan brothers was unsure how that would work out, having a women under foot. Being the skeptic that he was, Roy was suspicious of her motives from the beginning, but after meeting her he soon realized that a women’s scheming weren’t the only way they could disrupt the routine of his life. With the return of his mother after so many years, there was not a McMillan man in the county that would be safe.

Characters that are easy to get into and to understand. Great regional descriptions of the town of Paradise and the surrounding area. Typical - she lied and wondered if she could ever make it up to him - type of story. Several touching moments, a little bit of humor, a questionable love scene and a scary house fire later, Roy has to decide what to do next, if his brother doesn’t beat him to it, or the ranch hand for that matter. ( )

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Book - A Real Angel

Working with animals had been something both Jenna Denardo and her mother Kate were good at. Hollywood had called them to do a movie, but only Jenna went. With the death of the stunt coordinator in her arms, Jenna was concerned about her animals and herself until the arrival of a new stuntman. Upon meeting Rafael Santini, she knew there was something special about him, finding out his secret could never change her initial reaction to him. Used to taking on more high profile situations, Rafe was surprised when Saint Michael asked him to look into the death of a stunt coordinator, but finding out that this was a murder with the presence of evil convinced him to do his best work. As an avenging angel, Rafe had certain abilities, like making himself human, and after meeting Jenna and getting to know her better he started to believe that maybe there was more to being human than just not showing his aurora on film.

This is an older Harlequin Intrigue, I dug it out of an old box and just read it. This is a quick story, the characters are ok, the story line is good (could have been better) and like a lot of Harlequin stories from that time period, it felt long and drawn out in some parts and then rushed and over to quickly. It speeds through the romance, puts too much emphasis some of the lesser characters, but it is still a good distraction and an angelic hero, don‘t see those to often. ( )

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book - Marked

Normal was something that Zoey Redbird would probably never feel again after the vampyre tracker marked her forehead after school. First thing was to tell her mom and hope she would understand, of course she didn’t. After the change started, everyone knew you had to be at the House of Night in the middle of Tulsa, but first she had to find someone that would understand. Grandma would know what to say, with her Cherokee heritage and the faith of the culture leading her. Fitting in was the biggest problem, her mark was different than the other fledglings marks and everyone knew it, but no one knew why and if they did they didn’t share with Zoey. Meeting her new roommate and all of her friends gave hope that maybe she really could find a place, until the mean girls of the school stated causing problems and something told Zoey that it would be her that would fix it.

Book 1 ….. This one was extra fun for me because I live near Tulsa and know of and/or have been to some of the places mentioned. As far as the book, the characters were good, some better than others, the concept of the change and working with fledglings to get them to mature vampyres was also good and a little different from other stories. To start with one group of friends and progress to a different one through the course of the book was good. A life altering event had occurred. I really enjoyed how descriptive this book was when it came to the feeling that only Zoey had during the ceremonies. I really hope that several of the characters make it to the coming books (Erik, Stevie Rae, Neferet and Grandma Sylvia). I am looking forward to the next book of the series (Betrayed) which sounds like a good reason for the tease about Elizabeth and Elliot at the end.
( )