Tuesday, February 9, 2010

e-Book - Holiday Hearts

After a rocky road finding their mates, the Antaeus family of dragons (Sean, Eden, Declan, Holden, and cousin Emily) can finally have a happy holiday with their dragon and vampire mates. A holiday gathering at the Sean’s home brings together the siblings, cousin, best friends and mates. Determined to make the best of Christmas eve and Christmas morning, each couple spend time with the group and with each other forming and strengthening the bonds that this family has.

This is a free short story e-book that I had gotten over the holiday but did not read. While I was looking for something to spend a short amount of time with, I came across it on my e-reader. I had no idea what it was about. The whole thing is full of characters and brief descriptions of who they are, some teasing about how they met, but it quickly became clear that this short story was a gathering together of characters from other stories (that I haven’t read - yet). Even with it being out of order, and missing all the drama of their first meeting and mating, I found the story to be a good enough mixture of romance that I am curious to find out more about these black dragons, green dragons, vampires and Magia’s in the rest of the series. The beginning of the series is Shifting Winds, so there is my someplace start.
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