Monday, February 15, 2010

Book - You Slay Me

Meet Aisling Grey, she is new at being a courier, in fact this is her first trip to France. Arriving at Aurora Deauxville’s residence to deliver the item, Aisling was shocked to find that the woman was dead and suddenly Aisling was the prime suspect in her murder. Meet Drake Vireo, he portrayed himself as an Interpol detective, but that was not the case, he was actually a green dragon and a wyvern to top it all off. Discovering that she was also a Guardian, even if she didn’t know what that all entailed, she found a way of summoning a demon of her own to help her figure out who the real murderer was. Meet Efrrijim, Jim is a demon that had no master until Aisling summoned him, now he is in this world in the form of a Newfoundland dog and a strange sense of humor about his novice demon lord. With suspicion on both Aisling and Drake, the death of the venediger (a powerful mage) leads to Aisling making some unusual decisions. All while fighting the bond of being a wyverns mate.

Book 1 ….. What a fun look at the otherworld. Between the dragons, the mages, the demons and the wiccans, the stereo-typical personalities of each seem to show through. While the French lesson was kind of funny, the catchy part was the relationship between Aisling, Drake and Jim. Naive as she was, she was able to stumble through it all. The humor definitely carried the story, the romance is abrupt and short and the mystery jumps around leading you in many different directions. In the end, it was a great distraction from everyday life, but it is not the greatest book I have read, fast and fun is good enough for me. Next up (Fire Me Up), I hope this one will be a light and funny.
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