Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book - Heart of Fire

Wanting to reminder herself of the man that was her father, Jillian Sherwood convinced her brother (Rick) to let her finally see some of their fathers notebooks. Being an archeologist, just like dad, Jillian had a special insight in decoding the notes and the maps that she had found. Finding the money and the people to help her to locate the lost Stone City in the middle of the Amazon jungle would eventually show the world that her father was not the crackpot that everyone thought he was. While Rick was the one that finally acquired the funds and got the expedition started, the animosity that he felt for her was always there leaving Jillian concerned about how things would end. Keeping several key pieces of information to herself made sure she would be useful till they found the city. As a guide in the Amazon, Ben Lewis took pride at being able to size up any situation quickly and finding out that a woman would be part of his next job, left a bad taste in his mouth. Knowing that there was something not right, Ben made Jillian’s protection his prime mission, second only to finding out what Rick and his low-life friends were up to.

I really enjoyed the combination of action, adventure, mystery, humor and romance. The sexual frustration and flirtation between Ben and Jillian is at times fun or even funny. The angst between Rick and Jillian was strong. As the characters progress through the story as well as through the jungle, they become better and better. While Ben is brash and blunt from the get go, the “moment” of realization is not just expected but also kind of fun. Definitely a different way to play out a “moment” like that. While I say it is fun and funny, it is sexual humor, some of it is on the graphic side (for lack of better wording). If you are at all offended by ’raunchy jokes’ this may not be funny to you.
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