Friday, February 19, 2010

Book - Guilty Pleasures

Known as the executioner, Anita Blake lived as an animator, raising the dead, but her specialty was killing the vampires that the city had deemed too dangerous to let ‘live’ any longer. In her bag of supplies you could usually find guns, knives and possibly a wooden steak. Trust for the executioner was a difficult thing to find, she had a few close ‘human’ friends and she recently found out that she had know someone before and now after he had been changed. As an executioner, it was strange to be on friendly terms with any vampire, but having the master of the city ask her for help in solving the problem of vampires being murdered was just weird for everyone. Especially the way the master had asked, not just threatening herself, but nearly all of her friends and associates. They were all in serious trouble if Anita couldn’t find a way to make everyone happy.

Book 1 - Ok, I have heard so much about how great this series is. I hope it gets better. I found the interaction between some of the characters good, and even some of the characters were good but there are so many of them and most of them are dead by the end. What is the point of making a good character if he dies and is buried by the end. The violence was gruesome, the action was fast paced, the reasoning behind some of the decisions that Anita made were obscure at best, her roll as executioner was not explained the greatest (to me anyways), the character list kept growing on nearly every page and to top it off there was no romance (I thought it was suppose to be a paranormal romance). I know sometimes the first book of a series has a lot of weight behind it to be able to set the series up, I really am curious to see if that is the case with this one, I will eventually read The Laughing Corpse to test that theory.
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