Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book - Future Hope

A world so advanced in technology that not only is interplanetary travel possible, but a common means of supplying the earth with resource to survive its ever growing population. Now the concept of interdimensional travel is past the drawing board and on to trials with the ITP (Interdimensional Transport Protocol) project. The mathematician behind the calculation, Dr. Deborah Tennyson had a professional and person interest in the launch of the ITP with a hot shot astropilot like Major David Sanders behind the flight controls. The journey through space and dimension was going to make him famous, but when something went wrong and he became stranded who knew where, who knew when, he found not only inhabitants of the planet he landed on, but possibly a new way of thinking to take back to Earth, if he ever got back to it.

What an incredible concept, the future of the planet in the hands of a conceded and self absorbed although talented pilot. The lack of faith in anything but the science is a very good story line with an interesting cast of characters. I struggled with the repetitiveness of the story, everything seemed to be over described, and then described again. The specifics where lined out for everything from thoughts, actions and conversations to the technical terminology which seemed to bog down the flow of the story. There was a political and religious aspect to it that seemed to help make a point about possible consequences to relying to heavily on technology. While some of the theories seem to be plausible, this is still a fantasy that went on and on about some of the less important parts (in my opinion) of the story and while I am not interested in reading the next one (it is hinted at having a follow up book), it was still a decent story, for a first novel.
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