Friday, February 5, 2010

Book - Dark Lover

Another normal day for Elizabeth Randall, under appreciated for the job she does, ogled at for the way she looks, and lonely for the way she lives until one night that it all changed. Attacked on her way home from work, Beth knew she could not let it stop her from doing her job, so when cop and friend Jose called about a car bomb just up the street, she had to go get the details. Friends and their favors, as the King and last true blood of his species, Wrath knew people expected things from him but all he wanted to do was fight with the brotherhood to protect the civilian vampires that lived around him. After that friend (Darius) died in a car bomb, Wrath took that final request as something that would be fulfilled regardless of the complications that it put on his own life.

Book 1 .…. First books have large casts and lots of information, this one is no different. Between the list of brothers and the dictionary of new words, there was a basic - traditional style story. The brotherhood has a lot of baggage and while I really enjoyed Wrath and Beth’s story, I found myself confused as to which of the others were which (except Z - I could always remember him). Wrath melts at the compassion and strength he finds in Beth. I liked the variation of the vampires and the characters for the most part, I am left wanting more. The next one is Lover Eternal and now that I know the characters a bit, hopefully I wont have the information overload allowing me to enjoy it even more.
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