Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book - Beyond the Stars: Kataria

Landing the job of her dream in research and development at the Space Island Group (SIG), Samantha Gerris finds herself doing what she has always wanted to do and all with her feet firmly on the planet Earth. While others made SIG a career so that they could go into space, Sami was scared of flying even after meeting an almost perfect man who happened to be a pilot. Marriage and two kids later, Jack Bennett finally got his chance to go into space leaving Sami and the kids on Earth, then a tragic accident took Jack from his family. Finding out that both of her kids wanted to follow in their fathers steps and take a job on the Space Station/Space Resort, Samantha knew she could not sit by and watch the rest of her family leave her. Doing what she never thought she would ever do, with the fear of losing her kids stronger than the fear of traveling in space, Sami joined her kids in space. Now Sami will learn the Katarians have been a part of her work, her husbands work and now her children’s work on the space station for many, many years. With her knowledge and know-how, Sami may find common ground and even happiness again through an adventure that takes her to places she never expected to go.

The adventure of a lifetime, Sci-Fi, even romance, this book has such a run of everything. The writing style is easy to read and very descriptive, sometimes too much so. This book is good in story line, great character creation and the technology is comparable to any Star Trek. The terminology is not overused, so you don’t get bogged down trying to remember what each of the big words mean. The beginning of the book moved quite slowly though. The drag of the fist 100-150 pages, while it was a sweet romance and the ground work for some of the adventure of the later parts, still left me wishing that some of it had been skipped all together. I enjoy a good romance, but this one really dragged for me and even though I liked the characters and was sad at the lose of Jack, I started to not care as much for them because it was taking so long to get to the point. The adventure was much better, a lot was packed into the remainder of the book and while I missed Jack, the connection with Gaelan was even better.
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