Thursday, January 14, 2010

e-Book - Slave to Sensation

Building up layer after layer of protective wall was second nature for Sascha Duncan, but what no one knew was just how thick her walls were. As daughter of a Councilor and a cardinal Psy (a potentially powerful psychic), it was thought that she was as cold and direct as all of her people. The flaw was in her mind and if she was able to keep it hidden, she would survive. Meeting with Lucas Hunter, the changeling alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack, had given her a glimpse into the emotional relationship that the changeling and humans had. Psy’s didn’t usually notice the way the packs touched each other but this one did and that gave Lucas hope that there may be a way to use this Psy to find the psychopath responsible for the murder of so many of the changeling females. Not realizing that he was about to learn more about that race than he ever expected to while giving more of himself and his pack than he would have every thought he possibly would.

Book 1 of the Psy-Changeling series… this book was recommended to me and I have to admit that I am so glad she did. I was unclear what it would be like (since I had never read anything by Nalini Singh before) and found myself completely caught up in the characters and the story line. The inclusion of so many of the pack members (Nate, Tamsyn, Dorian, Mercy, Clay, Kit, Rina and Vaughn) as well as so many others could have bogged down the story with all the characters, but some how that did not happen. The smooth and natural addition of characters made this a truly character driven story but the murder/kidnapping scenario added the extra suspense that made me nearly unable to put down this book until I was sure everyone was alright. I am so glad I have already found the next book (Visions of Heat) in this series and am eager to start it. ( )

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