Sunday, January 31, 2010

e-Book - A Hathaway Wedding

All Kev Merripan wanted was to marry the woman he loved (Win Hathaway). Having a Hathaway wedding with no complications would be a difficult job, but one the whole family would try to manage. Sisters to the bride (Amelia, Poppy and Beatrix) wanted this wedding for Win, they knew the love that was shared there. Beatrix could only dream of that kind love, while she tended to the animals that always seemed to be around her. She loved her critters and wished that the man she would some day marry would have the same affection for them, even if included tending to an abused elephant named Ollie.

This is a short story that goes between ‘Seduce Me at Sunrise’ and ‘Tempt Me at Twilight’, this is the story of the wedding itself. While it is short (only about 30 pages) it seems to cover a lot. Between the actual wedding of Kev and Win (that was expected), there is some interesting tidbits about Bea, her feeling, thoughts and desires for the future. As always with a Lisa Kleypas, I love the inclusion of the other characters, that is what makes some series so great - how well you can get to know the characters. While I don’t think this story has to be read to follow along with the continuing story, it was a cute and fun adventure - I mean wedding.
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