Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book - Positive Force

Finding a red headed young man willing to help her and her patient (Ruth Woodman) cross the street, April O’Reilly was shocked when the woman started talking. Ruth hadn’t spoken a work in nearly 20 years, right after watching the murder of her son. Wanting more information that might be of help to her patient, April went to the police station and found herself face to face with Officer Brandon James. Realizing that they were both looking for information on the same boy, they joined forces to track down the information. Since they both had boys of the same age, when Officer James was called in to work, he had no problem leaving them all together. Then losing everything to gang violence when his house was blown up, started the whole group in a new direction. Keeping the boys safe was the priority, but finding the reason and person behind the murder attempt was also very important. Possibly the red headed Shane Woodman could help find and stop the violence that had invaded the town of Oakwood.

This is a debut novel by the (in my opinion) very talented author Tim Stewart. I found it very difficult to put this book down, even when I had to. I laughed until I cried and I found myself emotionally attached to each of the characters. I enjoyed the supernatural aspect of the ghost, and the fact that the boys (Jr. High and High School student age) carried a large part of the story. Even the unrealistically quit courtship of Brandon and April seemed to flow naturally to it’s fun conclusion. It had some serious, intense moments, but was all done in a way that made it fun for the reader (for me anyways). The whole book was light and funny while at the same time pointing out that violence, gangs, drugs, can be changed with optimism, hope and love if the right people are there to support and believe in it. One loose end was left, but for the most part it was a happy ending, just with room for more. While I would consider this a good book for the Young Adults because of the moral issues of gang violence, it also had a very fun and flirty love story between Brandon and April. I absolutely adore this story and would love to see Tim Stewart come up with another one whether it is a sequel to this one or new and different - it makes no difference to me, this is one author I will be watching and waiting for.
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