Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book - Naked in Death

In 2058, one of the best officers that the New York Police and Securities Department had, Lieutenant Eve Dallas had already had a rough night when she got the call to a high profile death. The granddaughter of a Senator had been murdered by an antique collectors gun, she was a licensed companion and she was not close to her family but Eve would work out what part was important. A friend had asked him to talk to their daughter and now he was a murder suspect but Roarke took everything in about the lieutenant with no concern for her suspicions, he knew how to handle himself until he met the most fascinating cop. After more murders occur with the same MO, Eve is even more determined to discover and stop them, even as she finds herself defending herself, her actions, her job and the wealthy Roarke to her superiors.

Book 1 of the famous In Death series. I have enjoyed many of Nora Roberts romance, supernatural romance, and even paranormal romance books so I had to give this series a chance. I am glad I did. While I was taken by surprise by some of the graphic language, sexual content and violence, it fit in with the genre of Romantic Suspense and the futuristic atmosphere. I really like Roarke and Galahad (the cat) and hope that they play a part in the subsequent books (I am pretty sure Roarke does). While I thought I had the next book (Glory in Death), I don’t so now I have to go hunting it down. I am curious to see if they will work as stand alone or if it is necessary to read them in order. I hope the rest are as good or better than the first one is. ( )

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