Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book - Manhunt

Making the decision to completely change her life in the hopes of finding a husband and starting a family, Alexandra Scott took an impulsive leap of faith and traded homes with Harry Kowalski, an interesting old man that had his own reasons for wanting a change in his life. Leaving New Jersey and her corporate job behind and setting out for Alaska to a site-unseen home and business seemed crazy to everyone especially her new neighbor Michael Casey who had his own reasons for wanting her to go home. Alex could overcome a lot of obstacles, but was hoping she could overcome Casey’s doubt about their relationship.

Another great pre-Plum book. The fun of some of these books are in the dialogue between the characters. Not much, if any twists or turns to it. It was almost surprising in that the story didn’t take any predictable tragic twist, just a straight forward “how do I get him/her to admit their feelings.” It was still a good story, great characters (as usual from Janet Evanovich). Fun, light and ending too quickly. ( )

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