Monday, January 18, 2010

Book - Joe's Wife

Returning to his home town of Aspen Grove Colorado after the end of the Civil War, Tye Hatcher found that nothing had changed. The people who had shunned him as a child did so again making it impossible to find a job and save the money that he needs to build his dreams. The war had taken a lot of good men and one of them was Joe Telford, leaving his young wife (Meg) a new widow with a ranch to take care of. Not knowing of any other way to keep the ranch going any longer, Meg Telford approached Tye with an unlikely proposal of marriage as a business proposition. If she could find a way to save Joe’s ranch with his help, she would sacrifice anything.

Harlequin Historicals to me are like going home, I really enjoy them and this one is no exception. I really enjoyed the style and the atmosphere of this book, with its setting in 1865 and the limited amount of characters, each one was so well developed and the interactions were expected but still delightful. I really liked the way each one of them had strength of character and deep emotions without being overbearing or a pushover.
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