Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book - The Italian Boss's Mistress

Overhearing the reason for her not to get a promotion at work, Pippa Stevenson decided to prove to them that she could be an attractive women. Being the new boss, Andreo D’Alessio disliked meet and greet parties, but seeing the red-head that walked in was different. Approaching her wasn’t the problem, the misunderstanding was that she blamed him (even though she didn’t know who he was) for not getting promoted and didn’t know why. She just wanted to prove a point, now she had to get past trust issues if she ever wanted this affair to amount to anything.

Harlequin is always a great fall back when I am in need of a happy ending. This story is set in England (mostly) but it also include some Italian (always enjoy the language lessons). It was fun to follow Pippa through her issues, getting her back story and finding out how everything affects her relationship with Andreo. Quick, fun, but still a very basic ‘happily ever after‘ Harlequin Presents romance story. ( )
Jan 1, 2010

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