Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book - Daring to Dream

After ten years of modeling success, Margo Sullivan found herself in the middle of a career ending scandal and drug charges that she had no connection or knowledge of. The type of person Margo was, she went home to Monterey California. The Templeton house had always been her home, her mum was the housekeeper, Laura Templeton and Kate Powell her best friends now with the world talking about her the only place to run and hide was the Templeton house. The big brother figure of the family, Josh Templeton had taken it upon himself to help Margo out even if she wasn’t aware of it. This situation was no different. Now that she was home, convincing her to see him as more than just a brother, more than just a friend might take more than the ten years he had already waited for her. Maybe if she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, he could find a way to show her that he belonged in it too.

Book 1 of the Dream Trilogy. As with a lot of series, book 1 is difficult, it spends so much time with the set up and putting all the characters out there, that some things seem to be lost. While I liked the characters, getting to know Margo, Josh, Laura, Kate, Ann (Margo’s mum), Susie and Tommy (Laura & Josh’s parents) took a lot of the story and left little for full character development and the romance between Margo and Josh really suffered for it. Besides, Margo and Josh were already in love, they had known each other for so long and it had been there for so long that the actual “falling in love” was done and gone before the story began. I always like to watch the “falling in love” part but with this one, we got them trying to figure out how to tell each other how they feel and how to make it work. It was a good story for a beginning to the Dream Trilogy, but not a great story. I am only hoping that the second (Holding the Dream) and the third (Finding the Dream) goes better. ( )

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