Sunday, January 17, 2010

e-Book - Blue Bloods

Living in the shadow of a founding family, Schuyler Van Alen was alright being the outcast at her private Manhattan school. Nearly everyone at Duchesne School was on committees and spent time in the spotlight as the wealthy and famous. The death of a fellow student left Schuyler more effected than she would have thought, she had never really been friends with Aggie, but at 15 years old, she and a few others found out one of the reasons why. At first the knowledge of what she was didn’t make any sense even if she had been having strange things happening to her. After time she realized that she may be one of the only people to help stop the predator that was stalking ’her kind’, with the help of her friends and family.

Book 1 ….. I really enjoyed the plot, the story line concept of it anyway. I have several problems with this book, it is rated for young adults but with all of the smoking, drinking and ‘mean-girl’ type attitudes of the teens I don’t feel it should be for teens even if it is about teens. Then there is the overuse of descriptions, I understand that the families are rich and wear name-brand or designer clothes, but after the initial who’s who, I didn’t really care what they were wearing other than if it was black or white at the funerals. I also didn’t need the street by street plays. Anyways, I would have liked more on the history of the families and the how’s, who’s and what’s. This is book 1 of the Blue Bloods series and I like the plot enough to read the next (Masquerade) with the hope that the set up of the series is behind some of the problems I have with it.
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