Sunday, January 31, 2010

e-Book - A Hathaway Wedding

All Kev Merripan wanted was to marry the woman he loved (Win Hathaway). Having a Hathaway wedding with no complications would be a difficult job, but one the whole family would try to manage. Sisters to the bride (Amelia, Poppy and Beatrix) wanted this wedding for Win, they knew the love that was shared there. Beatrix could only dream of that kind love, while she tended to the animals that always seemed to be around her. She loved her critters and wished that the man she would some day marry would have the same affection for them, even if included tending to an abused elephant named Ollie.

This is a short story that goes between ‘Seduce Me at Sunrise’ and ‘Tempt Me at Twilight’, this is the story of the wedding itself. While it is short (only about 30 pages) it seems to cover a lot. Between the actual wedding of Kev and Win (that was expected), there is some interesting tidbits about Bea, her feeling, thoughts and desires for the future. As always with a Lisa Kleypas, I love the inclusion of the other characters, that is what makes some series so great - how well you can get to know the characters. While I don’t think this story has to be read to follow along with the continuing story, it was a cute and fun adventure - I mean wedding.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Book - Indian Summer

Indian Summer by Tracy Richardson
Spending most of the summer at her grandparents house out at Lake Pappakeechee, Marcie Horton was not sure if her mothers plan for her to spend time with and go sailing with the “popular girl” Kaitlyn Swyndall would be a good idea. Suddenly she started having feelings of flying and being drawn to James Bay and the woods behind it, then finding out that her new friends dad, Mr. Swyndall, was planning on developing the woods into a new gated community of summer homes made Marcie more uneasy about her growing friendship with Kaitlyn. Bonds were forming while training with the Swyndall kids for the Regatta boat race to be held on July 4th, but how would Marcie’s desire to prevent Mr. Swyndall from building in James woods effect their relationship? When the visions of another time and another girl continued to intrigue Marcie, she and her brother join forces with a family friend (Al Depena) to find a way to stop the development and possibly preserve something of import.

A slow start to this cute and inspirational story. While already dealing with several aspects of being a teenager, Marcie encounters some real moral issues. The way she deals with having visions, overhearing a private conversation and deciding how to stop the woods she loves from being lost to a developer, helps to show her what kind of person she is. She could have given in to peer pressure and left the whole issue alone, but instead she figured out what she felt was the right thing to do and did it. That seems to be the theme, even though she has a few bad moments (eavesdropping and stealing), overall she does what she thinks is right and it works out well. This is quite obviously a young adult book with a long introduction to Marcie and the other characters. While it takes a long time to get to the point, the story is still a interesting one with a few supernatural events and one exciting boat race that didn’t end the way I expected it to. I really liked the interaction with Al, the deference that the younger characters offer him is very nice to see.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book - Positive Force

Finding a red headed young man willing to help her and her patient (Ruth Woodman) cross the street, April O’Reilly was shocked when the woman started talking. Ruth hadn’t spoken a work in nearly 20 years, right after watching the murder of her son. Wanting more information that might be of help to her patient, April went to the police station and found herself face to face with Officer Brandon James. Realizing that they were both looking for information on the same boy, they joined forces to track down the information. Since they both had boys of the same age, when Officer James was called in to work, he had no problem leaving them all together. Then losing everything to gang violence when his house was blown up, started the whole group in a new direction. Keeping the boys safe was the priority, but finding the reason and person behind the murder attempt was also very important. Possibly the red headed Shane Woodman could help find and stop the violence that had invaded the town of Oakwood.

This is a debut novel by the (in my opinion) very talented author Tim Stewart. I found it very difficult to put this book down, even when I had to. I laughed until I cried and I found myself emotionally attached to each of the characters. I enjoyed the supernatural aspect of the ghost, and the fact that the boys (Jr. High and High School student age) carried a large part of the story. Even the unrealistically quit courtship of Brandon and April seemed to flow naturally to it’s fun conclusion. It had some serious, intense moments, but was all done in a way that made it fun for the reader (for me anyways). The whole book was light and funny while at the same time pointing out that violence, gangs, drugs, can be changed with optimism, hope and love if the right people are there to support and believe in it. One loose end was left, but for the most part it was a happy ending, just with room for more. While I would consider this a good book for the Young Adults because of the moral issues of gang violence, it also had a very fun and flirty love story between Brandon and April. I absolutely adore this story and would love to see Tim Stewart come up with another one whether it is a sequel to this one or new and different - it makes no difference to me, this is one author I will be watching and waiting for.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

e-Book - Ember

A gift/curse from Gaetane making Prince Adrian Juste so very charming, loved and admired left everyone who was around him helpless to do anything other than everything he said. Wanting to escape the curse, Ember took drastic measures by making an offer to the flames, she not only gave herself protection from the prince’s curse but declared herself a witch instead of a Wise Woman. When her father remarried and returned with a new step-mama (Minnette) and new “step-sisters” (Sylvie & Dulcie) Ember was determined to protect him too. Finding sisters and friends that did not shy away from Ember and the power she held was a joy that soon led her to understand what she had been missing all her life.

Cinder girl and Charming Prince, there have been so many remakes of the Cinderella story but this is not like all the others. Not only do we get a very interesting take on cinder girl, but the curse of the prince is a wonderful idea. As a fairy tale, the characters were familiar, but these were so different than the normal, and enjoyably so. The emotional turmoil that the prince puts Ember through by way of her step-sisters is touching. Really enjoyed the comments to the reader - kind of like the actor stopping in the middle of the scene to look directly at the camera, fun. Also loved the added fairy tale extras. It can get crude in the language but not very often. The warning at the beginning of the book says it best…“Warning: This story contains sex, violence, and naughty words. It’s based on a fairytale, but it isn’t for kids. You must be over 18 to read.”
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

e-Book - Cowboy

When Marcus headed out west two years ago, he knew what he was looking for. A cowboy like Kent seemed to be exactly what he was after, as long as he could overlook Kent’s drinking, the unsatisfying love life and his quiet demeanor. Content if not completely satisfied with his own life, he took in the boy (Lucas) he had found in the barn and learned all the things that his relationship with Kent had been missing.

Hasn’t everyone had times of feeling underappreciated or overlooked, but J.M. Snyder has a way of putting it into a story that makes the normal seem so obviously wrong. The emotional drama and self abuse that occurs with this kind of relationship was put under a microscope and the way this one was resolved, while it’s a nice happy ending (sorry if it’s a bit of a spoiler), is a bit unrealistic. Still it was enjoyable to read the inner torments of Marcus in his search for the perfect love.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Book - Joe's Wife

Returning to his home town of Aspen Grove Colorado after the end of the Civil War, Tye Hatcher found that nothing had changed. The people who had shunned him as a child did so again making it impossible to find a job and save the money that he needs to build his dreams. The war had taken a lot of good men and one of them was Joe Telford, leaving his young wife (Meg) a new widow with a ranch to take care of. Not knowing of any other way to keep the ranch going any longer, Meg Telford approached Tye with an unlikely proposal of marriage as a business proposition. If she could find a way to save Joe’s ranch with his help, she would sacrifice anything.

Harlequin Historicals to me are like going home, I really enjoy them and this one is no exception. I really enjoyed the style and the atmosphere of this book, with its setting in 1865 and the limited amount of characters, each one was so well developed and the interactions were expected but still delightful. I really liked the way each one of them had strength of character and deep emotions without being overbearing or a pushover.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

e-Book - Blue Bloods

Living in the shadow of a founding family, Schuyler Van Alen was alright being the outcast at her private Manhattan school. Nearly everyone at Duchesne School was on committees and spent time in the spotlight as the wealthy and famous. The death of a fellow student left Schuyler more effected than she would have thought, she had never really been friends with Aggie, but at 15 years old, she and a few others found out one of the reasons why. At first the knowledge of what she was didn’t make any sense even if she had been having strange things happening to her. After time she realized that she may be one of the only people to help stop the predator that was stalking ’her kind’, with the help of her friends and family.

Book 1 ….. I really enjoyed the plot, the story line concept of it anyway. I have several problems with this book, it is rated for young adults but with all of the smoking, drinking and ‘mean-girl’ type attitudes of the teens I don’t feel it should be for teens even if it is about teens. Then there is the overuse of descriptions, I understand that the families are rich and wear name-brand or designer clothes, but after the initial who’s who, I didn’t really care what they were wearing other than if it was black or white at the funerals. I also didn’t need the street by street plays. Anyways, I would have liked more on the history of the families and the how’s, who’s and what’s. This is book 1 of the Blue Bloods series and I like the plot enough to read the next (Masquerade) with the hope that the set up of the series is behind some of the problems I have with it.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

e-Book - Slave to Sensation

Building up layer after layer of protective wall was second nature for Sascha Duncan, but what no one knew was just how thick her walls were. As daughter of a Councilor and a cardinal Psy (a potentially powerful psychic), it was thought that she was as cold and direct as all of her people. The flaw was in her mind and if she was able to keep it hidden, she would survive. Meeting with Lucas Hunter, the changeling alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack, had given her a glimpse into the emotional relationship that the changeling and humans had. Psy’s didn’t usually notice the way the packs touched each other but this one did and that gave Lucas hope that there may be a way to use this Psy to find the psychopath responsible for the murder of so many of the changeling females. Not realizing that he was about to learn more about that race than he ever expected to while giving more of himself and his pack than he would have every thought he possibly would.

Book 1 of the Psy-Changeling series… this book was recommended to me and I have to admit that I am so glad she did. I was unclear what it would be like (since I had never read anything by Nalini Singh before) and found myself completely caught up in the characters and the story line. The inclusion of so many of the pack members (Nate, Tamsyn, Dorian, Mercy, Clay, Kit, Rina and Vaughn) as well as so many others could have bogged down the story with all the characters, but some how that did not happen. The smooth and natural addition of characters made this a truly character driven story but the murder/kidnapping scenario added the extra suspense that made me nearly unable to put down this book until I was sure everyone was alright. I am so glad I have already found the next book (Visions of Heat) in this series and am eager to start it. ( )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

e-Book - Amazon's Curse

Cursed by the Gods to not be seen, heard, felt or leave the village area left Nola nothing to do but follow along as her sisters-by-race had their mating battles. Watching Zane, a vampire she knew that had a been a enslaved before, left her feeling that everything was wrong not just because he stirred emotions in her that she had never had before. Even with the curse she knew she had to find a way to save him from the binding holding him here. Unknowing that Nola watched, Zane could only dream of Nola, the person he wished to see the most and seeing her appear before him made him think he was going crazy or dreaming but finding out that she wanted to help him made him more determined to survive and help her in return.

This combination of Gods, Vampires and other species is very unique. For a short story (about 56 pages) I found myself interested in all of the characters. Wanting to know more of the Vampire King (Layel) and Nola’s sister (Delilah), wondering if their story is out there and I just haven’t found it yet. I will be looking for more, this novella size story was enough to interest me and I want more.
* more info: (It is part of the Atlantis series by Gena Showalter, starting with Heart Of The Dragon - now I know where to start - and that Layel and Delilah‘s story is The Vampire’s Bride). ( )

Book - Daring to Dream

After ten years of modeling success, Margo Sullivan found herself in the middle of a career ending scandal and drug charges that she had no connection or knowledge of. The type of person Margo was, she went home to Monterey California. The Templeton house had always been her home, her mum was the housekeeper, Laura Templeton and Kate Powell her best friends now with the world talking about her the only place to run and hide was the Templeton house. The big brother figure of the family, Josh Templeton had taken it upon himself to help Margo out even if she wasn’t aware of it. This situation was no different. Now that she was home, convincing her to see him as more than just a brother, more than just a friend might take more than the ten years he had already waited for her. Maybe if she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, he could find a way to show her that he belonged in it too.

Book 1 of the Dream Trilogy. As with a lot of series, book 1 is difficult, it spends so much time with the set up and putting all the characters out there, that some things seem to be lost. While I liked the characters, getting to know Margo, Josh, Laura, Kate, Ann (Margo’s mum), Susie and Tommy (Laura & Josh’s parents) took a lot of the story and left little for full character development and the romance between Margo and Josh really suffered for it. Besides, Margo and Josh were already in love, they had known each other for so long and it had been there for so long that the actual “falling in love” was done and gone before the story began. I always like to watch the “falling in love” part but with this one, we got them trying to figure out how to tell each other how they feel and how to make it work. It was a good story for a beginning to the Dream Trilogy, but not a great story. I am only hoping that the second (Holding the Dream) and the third (Finding the Dream) goes better. ( )

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book - Naked in Death

In 2058, one of the best officers that the New York Police and Securities Department had, Lieutenant Eve Dallas had already had a rough night when she got the call to a high profile death. The granddaughter of a Senator had been murdered by an antique collectors gun, she was a licensed companion and she was not close to her family but Eve would work out what part was important. A friend had asked him to talk to their daughter and now he was a murder suspect but Roarke took everything in about the lieutenant with no concern for her suspicions, he knew how to handle himself until he met the most fascinating cop. After more murders occur with the same MO, Eve is even more determined to discover and stop them, even as she finds herself defending herself, her actions, her job and the wealthy Roarke to her superiors.

Book 1 of the famous In Death series. I have enjoyed many of Nora Roberts romance, supernatural romance, and even paranormal romance books so I had to give this series a chance. I am glad I did. While I was taken by surprise by some of the graphic language, sexual content and violence, it fit in with the genre of Romantic Suspense and the futuristic atmosphere. I really like Roarke and Galahad (the cat) and hope that they play a part in the subsequent books (I am pretty sure Roarke does). While I thought I had the next book (Glory in Death), I don’t so now I have to go hunting it down. I am curious to see if they will work as stand alone or if it is necessary to read them in order. I hope the rest are as good or better than the first one is. ( )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book - Manhunt

Making the decision to completely change her life in the hopes of finding a husband and starting a family, Alexandra Scott took an impulsive leap of faith and traded homes with Harry Kowalski, an interesting old man that had his own reasons for wanting a change in his life. Leaving New Jersey and her corporate job behind and setting out for Alaska to a site-unseen home and business seemed crazy to everyone especially her new neighbor Michael Casey who had his own reasons for wanting her to go home. Alex could overcome a lot of obstacles, but was hoping she could overcome Casey’s doubt about their relationship.

Another great pre-Plum book. The fun of some of these books are in the dialogue between the characters. Not much, if any twists or turns to it. It was almost surprising in that the story didn’t take any predictable tragic twist, just a straight forward “how do I get him/her to admit their feelings.” It was still a good story, great characters (as usual from Janet Evanovich). Fun, light and ending too quickly. ( )

Book - The Italian Boss's Mistress

Overhearing the reason for her not to get a promotion at work, Pippa Stevenson decided to prove to them that she could be an attractive women. Being the new boss, Andreo D’Alessio disliked meet and greet parties, but seeing the red-head that walked in was different. Approaching her wasn’t the problem, the misunderstanding was that she blamed him (even though she didn’t know who he was) for not getting promoted and didn’t know why. She just wanted to prove a point, now she had to get past trust issues if she ever wanted this affair to amount to anything.

Harlequin is always a great fall back when I am in need of a happy ending. This story is set in England (mostly) but it also include some Italian (always enjoy the language lessons). It was fun to follow Pippa through her issues, getting her back story and finding out how everything affects her relationship with Andreo. Quick, fun, but still a very basic ‘happily ever after‘ Harlequin Presents romance story. ( )
Jan 1, 2010