Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie - Avatar (2009)

Avatar (2009)

Losing the use of his legs an his twin brother, left an opening that only Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) could fill. Being his twin allowed Jake to take his spot as an Avatar (genetically matched hybrid) driver (controlling process with mental connections). His assignment was to get to know th Na'vi people of the planet Pandora and either convince them to leave or find a way to make them leave their hometree. The skywalkers (humans) wanted a material that was found under their tree, they wanted it no matter how they had to get it and didn't seem to care what it meant to the natives that lived in it. After Jakes avatar was taken in by the Na'vi people he learned what he was sent in to find out, but now that he had that information, would he be willing to use it against them or find a way to help.
(also starring: Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Joel Moore and Stephen Lang)

As a sci-fi / action / adventure, this one does have it all. All the hype that went into this movie was true, the CG to live action was flawless (to an amateurs eye) and the integration of Jake into the Na'vi people was exciting. The story line between the natives and the human had such a feel of reality to it, it was almost scary to wonder if we (as the human race) really could and would do that to another planet and it's inhabitants. (Back to the movie) The incorporation of just enough of Jakes past let us care for him and then to see his mind set change from the jarhead clan of a warrior to become part of the Na'vi. This type of movie is one that can, should and will be watched again by me (although I will probably wait for DVD now) and even though it is a PG-13, there is some foul language and lots of violence (it is a war movie) that would lead me to think it is more geared for the older of us, maybe it should have been rated for 18+ (my opinion).
This one was released on December 18, 2009 and is one of the few movies I have ever made a point of seeing within a few days of its release (if that tells you how much I wanted to see it) and I was not disappointed. (****)

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