Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book - What the Lady Wants

In walked the lovely and sexy Mae Sullivan, just like in a dime store novel, into the office of a private investigator named Mitchell Peatwick. The plan was to seduce him into helping her to find her Uncles stolen diaries, but what PI would take that job on, so the story had to be more intriguing. Murder, someone murdered her Uncle and stole the diary. That was her story, Mitch was not that gullible no matter how she fit into his fantasies. As far as a mid-life crisis went, thanks to her he might be able to win his bet, but what was the lies all about and did he really want to know. At this point in his private investigative career, after seeing too many divorce cases of who cheated on who, how could he not take on this one, at least the people involved where interesting.

I have only read a few of Jennifer Crusie books, but this one ranks right up there out of the few I have read. The romance part was quick (matter of days and they figured it out), the mystery was interesting, complicated and difficult to figure out till the end, and the characters had some silly funny and stupid funny moments. I really liked Mitch and Mae both as well as some of the other characters. Fun, fast and easy read great for a rainy (or snowy) afternoon cuddled up. ( )

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