Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book - Truly, Madly

Taking an active roll in the family business (matchmaking through Valentine, Inc.) was something that Lucy Valentine never thought she could or would ever do. Her ability to see a persons aura (an ability that her ancestors claimed came from Cupid) was oddly changed and now she was a psychic that could only find inanimate objects, not a persons natural match (like her father was able to do). Her father was in need of help after suffering a heart attack so Lucy decided to take a chance since it would only be for a couple of weeks. How could she have known that her own psychic ability would lead her to try and track down a long lost love of a client. Or that her need for some assistance would put her in a position to trust a private investigator that she had just met. After a messy couple of months both professionally (quit the firefighter job that he loved) and personally (fiance had difficulty dealing with his medical problem), Sean Donahue was struggling with a new start. Together with her psychic ability, a private investigator and a few detectives, can Lucy find the time to get a make some matches, find somethings that are missing and still keep herself together.

Very cute, this story has so much to offer. I found myself laughing and loving almost every minute of it. It does have a bit of a slow beginning, but it more than makes up for it. There have been references to it being like a Janet Evanovich or a Jennifer Crusie book with the fun loving writing style, I would also add Sarah Addison Allen, with the easy flow of the book and the natural addition of the supernatural elements. I found that the characters were easy to understand and the flow of the story was easy to follow. I am also encouraged by the information that there is to be more of Lucy Valentine in the future (Deeply, Desperately - coming August 2010). This is a great book and I will be looking for other books by this author, it appears she has been writing romance awhile and has several for me to choose from.
This book is not scheduled for release until February 2010, I was lucky to receive an advance copy. ( )

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