Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book - Storm of Shadows

The goal was to find a reputable and learned antiquities and linguistic expert to help find a prophecy that their seer thought would give them an edge in the battle against the Others. Aaron Eagle had known Dr. Hall from previous dealings, but walking into the museum style basement of the library and finding a younger, female Dr. Hall and then finding out that one of the Others had already contacted her had put him in a difficult mood. Finally convincing Dr. Rosamund Hall to take a look at Mr. Irving Shea’s personal collection, the two made there way to the mansion where all of the new recruits were staying after an explosion wiped out most of the Chosen Ones. With a little bit of convincing, Aaron and Rosamund set out on a journey that would hopefully end with the information that they all needed to save the world from the Others, even if along the way they had to make some of the biggest sacrifices they ever thought they would.

Book 2 ….. I love a good series and this is turning out to be just that. While I didn’t enjoy the first book of this series as much as I did this one, it is still necessary to read it first. It is a true series - you probably (in my opinion) will not understand a lot of this one without the first one. The characters are all taking more shape and since the first book was heavy in the what and whys, this one can focus more on the who and whats. The prophecy is obvious especially after the search for it, but they do leave wondering if there is more to it. I am happy with Rosamund as an addition to their little group and the introduction of Davidov opens the door for so many more questions. The return of the main group is expected and the whole adventure of this book, while almost unnecessary, brings to light a lot of strengths and weaknesses to some of the individual as well as the group on a whole. I can only hope that this series keeps getting better, the better we get to know the characters. I am looking forward to the next of the series (according to it is: “Chains of Ice” - due out July 6, 2010 and “Chains of Fire” - due out September 7, 2010). ( )

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