Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book - On The Prowl

This anthology has 4 paranormal romance stories;

Alpha and Omaga by Patricia Briggs
- After being forcibly turned into a werewolf and finally accepting that she was a very submissive one, Anna Latham finds the courage to call the Marrok, Bran Cornick (the leader of all of the werewolves) and inform him of some strange things that her pack alpha is doing. Wanting to get to the bottom of the problems, Bran sends his own son Charles who is also an alpha. Together they discover more about Anna than either of them suspected.
(****) As a fan of the Mercy Thompson series I knew I would like this one (the reason for buying the book actually). I really enjoy the writing style and imagination of Patricia Briggs. Even with this story being as short as it is, the characters are well defined and since this is a continuing story it is easy to see why they take the time to make the connections that they do. One more reason to continue reading the series.

Inhuman by Eileen Wilks
- Things had changed, the supernatural was now the norm. But people were cautious around the magical ones. When those very people become the target of a serial killer, they were also the suspects. Nathan Hunter as a police officer wants to protect everyone, but as a hellhound, his priority is to protect Kai Michalski who is more than just the empath that she portrays herself as.
(****) First time reading this author, and this story appears to be in the middle of the “World of the Lupi” series. That being said, there was enough information given that I was able to follow the story and become interested in the characters enough that I am interested in reading the three stories that precede this one.

Buying Trouble by Karen Chance
- Used to having her talents taken for granted at the auction house, Claire stepped up to be near the magical artifact that were to be sold that evening only to find out that behind her back the owner had made a deal to put her up for auction as well. The fey known as Heidar had been sent to find out if the runes where real or another fake put out by a sometimes disreputable house, only to find that it was real the hard way. Transported into the Fey world without a nearby portal and then discoing that there is more to her powers than she ever knew.
(****) Again, this is actually closer to the middle of a series, this one had some parts that were not as easy to follow, probably because I had not read any of the earlier works. I did enjoy the concept but I am unsure of what this series is about based on this short story. I am curious and so I might try to track down some other books by this author.

Mona Lisa Betwining by Sunny
- As the newest Queen, Mona Lisa had to answer a few questions in regards to the death of her predecessor. She really did have something to do with her death, but the things she couldn’t say may cause more problems for her and for her current lovers.
(***) Different, this is also a series and this is not the beginning of it. The Children of the Monere seems to be a very intense type of story. This short story seemed to pack a lot into a short about of time. I felt lost and a bit confused at times, maybe because of the way the story was based on what had happened before. I don’t know what happened before, therefore I was a bit lost. As a stand alone, this one was not my favorite of the group, but I am intrigued enough to possibly look for others by this author. ( )

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