Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book - Gaea

Worrying over the health and happiness of all the animals of earth, the goddess Gaea requests the Almighty Father, God of All, to allow her to teach mankind a lesson for mot taking care of her earth and all of the Lords creatures. By her side during this request is Quant, a seraph (an angel of the highest rank in the traditional Christian hierarchy) that likes to spend time on earth in the shape of a house cat. When God reminds Gaea that he is the only one that will hand out punishment and vengeance, Gaea takes the chance to offer a warning to mankind with the help of a family and friends. Always overseeing her actions is Quant with his optimism for the humans to learn, adapt and save the planet earth.

What a really strange mix. Religious God, Greek mythology, Leonardo Di Vinci, and dragons all have a place in this book. With such a wide variety of characters from so many different belief patterns, it is sometimes difficult to keep all the characters straight (between the gods, goddesses, saints, angels and even the humans) and to know what they all represent. While I enjoyed the concept of the design center with the formation of new creatures for a new planet, some of it felt unnecessary even though it was interesting and fun. There seemed to be an over abundance of characters that had little to do with the main story. They may have had more to do with the previous books of this series (the first book is called “Jerome and the Seraph” and the second books is called “Angelos”), but I haven’t read those stories. But what a unique story this one was. The need for everyone to be more conscious of our effect on the land has become more and more popular the last several years, this is another, slightly more interesting way to look at the need for all earthlings to go green.
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Nov 8, 2009

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