Thursday, October 22, 2009

Childrens - Monster Mish Mash and Other Spare Parts

Monster Mish Mash and Other Spare Parts by Alfred Perry
Digging around and found an box of old books from my own childhood. This is one I thought I would break out for my own kids this Halloween season. I didn't remember how corny some of the jokes are. Between the knock-knock jokes, the one liners and the illustrations, just about anyone would be able to find something to laugh at in this weekly reader published way back in 1976. There were a few of the jokes that I had to explain to my kids at the same time there were a few that for some reason my mind didn't even catch on to, but for overall fun, this will do it enough that my oldest child wants to take it to school to show teachers and friends all the stupid jokes that makes mummies and deadies laugh their heads off. (Sorry had to there is a joke in there like that) ( )

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