Saturday, October 17, 2009

Book - Tempt Me At Twilight

London, 1852
Three seasons and still the only prospect of marriage for Poppy Hathaway was a man (Mr. Michael Bayning)who had still not told his father that he wanted to court her. The love letters between the two of them promised marriage, but shortly after being kissed by Mr. Harry Rutledge, the elusive owner of the Rutledge hotel, she was informed that there was no way Michael’s father would ever consent to their being wed. Knowing what he wanted and then getting it was a regular task for Harry and this would be no different. There was something about Poppy, who had stumbled upon one of his secret passageways and then had shown interest in his private collection. He had to have her as his wife, no matter how he had to get her.

Book 3 … Lisa Kleypas has a grasp on historicals that leaves even the most mundane of characters one that you want to watch for again and again. I really enjoyed the inclusion of all the other Hathaways (and husbands). I was not sure about how much I would like Poppy’s story but Harry was a fabulous character and made it easy to like it. While definitely not my favorite Hathaway, Harry is the best villain I have seen in a long time. I also really enjoyed the Catherine Marks parts of the story and am eager to hear more of her story and to see how Lisa Kleypas can give young Beatrix something more than just her critters. ( )

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