Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book - Reynold de Burgh

Born sixth of the seven de Burgh brothers and the only one born with a physical defect, Reynold worked hard to keep up with his brothers yet always felt the outcast even in his own family. The decision was made, he needed to leave his home and travel to who knew where. With the addition of Peregrine, they traveled in no particular direction until they stumbled on a village that had only a few remaining residence. With the realization that the man entering her village was a knight, Sabina Sexton used her knowledge of the knights code of honor to convince Reynold and Peregrine to help her by slaying the dragon that had terrorized her and her people for months.

Book 6 ….. This is a story all about heart. The romance of Reynold and Sabina is about each of them and their personal ego. Convincing either of them to believe in themselves as much as others believed in them. Getting either of them to admit to what they are feeling and thinking, that was the suspense of the story. The battle with ‘the dragon’ was interesting but not very … intense (I think that would be the best way to describe it) and a little predictable. While this is the 6th sons story, it is always nice to see the other brothers, but this can be a stand alone without losing any of the emotional effect. Quick and easy read, complete opposite of the ‘Harlequin’ stereo-type, sweet kisses and unspoken wishes leading to a obvious relationship. ( )

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