Monday, October 5, 2009

Book - Moon Called

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1) by Patricia Briggs
Being raised by a pack of werewolves gave Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson a certain perspective into their world. Living across the street from one of the top alphas (Adam Hauptman) left Mercy with a constant reminder of what she was, a coyote, a shape shifter, a skin walker that knew of no one else like herself. Having a gremlin for a friend (Zee), a vampire that she kind of trusted (Stephan Uccello), and all of Adam’s pack around her all the time, and then a boy named Mac (a werewolf that had escaped from some sort of testing facility) showed up in her shop looking for work and he needed help. Getting some of the details left Adam injured and Mercy unable to trust his pack, so taking things into her own hands, she enlisted the top alpha of North America (Bran Cornick) and his pack.

Book 1 ….. Interesting combination of werewolves and vampires and witches - oh my! Great action and really interesting characters with some previous history but the reference to the past were done well. Not a romance (in my definition of romance), but there is definitely options. I was not sure about Mercy at first, but she grew on me as a character. There is just something about all that alpha male, all of them wanting to protect and help Mercy - she is going to end up being a very strong character with extraordinary powers that no one can predict (just a guess on my part). I am eager to get my hands on the next of these interesting stories (Blood Bound). ( ****)
October 3, 2009

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