Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book - Last Scene Alive

Still grieving from the death of her husband, Aurora (Roe) Teagarden was taken a little by surprise with the arrival of Robin Crusoe, her former neighbor and a man she had once dated. Knowing that he had written a book based on the strange murders that had happened in her hometown several years ago didn‘t help, and now the tv movie was about to be filmed in the middle of downtown Lawrencetown. Everyone seemed to be excited about the movie industry being in town, except Roe. She knew that a lot of the story was based on her and her involvement in finding the bodies. During the course of filming, her own stepson (Barrett) is the one who stumbles upon a body, that of the main actress who was to play the part of Roe herself. After so many murders happening around her, surely this one would have nothing to do with her, until it does.

Book 7 ….. To begin with, I miss Martin (the husband), I had always liked him so much more than I ever liked Robin the first time I met him. The mystery was a bit mellow compared to some of the stories Roe has been involved in. I didn’t like some of the personal decisions Roe made on this one either. This is obviously not one of the best of the Aurora Teagarden series (in my opinion), but that will not stop me from reading the next one (Poppy Done to Death) which seems to be the last of the series.
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