Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book - Everything's Coming Up Rosie

Dreading the week long wedding event, Doug Llewellyn made his escape plans with his partner Cam. After having a women walk up to him an kiss him, he was intrigued. As the kisser, Rosie Kilgannon was just trying to ditch the person she had been ‘set up with‘, but now that she had a taste of Doug she was hooked. The confirmed bachelor who never stuck his nose anywhere that it didn’t belong, suddenly found himself in the middle one wedding disaster after another and it could all be traced back to Rosie’s new influence over him. Even the scheduled escape route had bad timing, as did the squirrel population.

Cute, fun and fast paced. Doug never knew what Rosie would say or do next, what a fun break from the normal wedding. Going over the top with the complications, the planner was frantic, the hostess was neurotic, most of the guests were lost while Doug and Rosie were putting obvious assumptions to the test. I really liked both of these characters, he’s making some changes (whether he is ready to or not) and she is the average (wacky but self assured) women. So much happened in such a short time, the wedding celebration took the whole week and the whole week was full of flirting and fun for the main characters.
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