Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book - Blood Bound

Now that Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson had the werewolves public figure head (Adam Hauptman) as a neighbor, Dr. Samuel Cornick as a roommate and the oddly kind vampire (Stephan Uccello) as a kind of friend and her, with limited abilities other than being a ‘walker’ that shape shifts to be a coyote, what could she do about all the dominant men in her life. When the volume of violence started to increase in the area even her cop friend Tony came to Mercy to ask for help and advice. Having the mistress of the local vampire seethe ask for help even though they knew all the trouble was caused by an out of control sorcerer that had been turned to vampire (making it the vampires problem) that had the ability to control werewolves and vampires alike, left Mercy wondering what else there was about her that no one was telling her. Anyone could see that being immune to most of the magical control that a vampire has might help her defeat this monster, but what would being able to talk to ghosts help.

Book 2 ….. I thought it was over and then I read the last couple of chapters. They weren’t entirely necessary, but it did wrap things up for this story nicely before going to the next. Mercy is quite a unique character. Yet her cast of friends are even better. To have a story that has so many dominant, strong and controlling men yet have the women be the ’weakest’ player and still be able to hold them all together. This character is written in a way that makes her sensible in the a way that attracts the men and the reader to her. This character never takes anything away from any of them either, she may be stuck in the middle of them all but she shows respect to each and yet she is the strongest character. I like that, I just with she would decide. On to the next of the series (Iron Kissed), but there is also the related series (World of Marrok - the werewolves) that I think I want to read also, I will have to figure out which one to get next, but I am enjoying this series and want more of it.
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