Friday, October 9, 2009

Youth - Awakening Consciousness

This is an interactive introduction into metaphysical phenomena (study of the nature of being) . This workbook is geared for young girls. While the workbook gives only a preliminary look at spiritual and universal awareness, it does open doors to thoughts and experiences that some kids may not be exposed to any other way. This kind of awareness can help in self confidences, self appreciations, self awareness and even gives young girls the chance to be happy and peaceful with themselves. The workbook includes fun physical and artistic exercises, some are set up to be done by themselves while others should be done with other girls whether they are friends or family. These exercises will help the girls understand new concepts and gives them different ways of looking at themselves and the world around them.

This book may have talk of chakras, auras, crystals, herbals, and even guardian angels, but really no matter what you believe in, this book is about giving young girls the power and the ability to really believe in themselves. Some of the exercises in this workbook is vague, the description of each activity sometimes lacks direction or doesn’t give a full definition of the concept, but considering the age group that this is geared to, (8 to 10 year olds) the activities are fun enough without perfect knowledge or understanding of the 'whys' and the 'how-comes'. Of all things this book teaches and brings to the attention of girls, the epilogue sums it up the best with a note from the author (Robin Marvel) telling every girl that reads through this book that she is "Amazing". Every girl needs to know that they have the power to make themselves happy, healthy and that they also have the abilities to help others with their peaceful way of life. ( )

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