Friday, October 23, 2009

Book - A Pig in the Rumble Seat

This book is a compilation of 24 short stories that range from 4 - 27 pages. The story topics are almost as wide ranged as the page numbers, it includes brief glimpses of the life of the author. Some stories are based on days of his youth during the 1930’s, some include his years working in his chosen field of chemical engineering, working on rocketry propulsions. There are some fantasy or science fiction stories to add to the collection as well as a segment of poetry.

With the average length of each story only 12 pages, this book is quick, easy and fun to read. I have even spent some time reading some of the stories aloud to my family and have suggested a few more. I found a couple of the stories to be overly influenced by technical information (which to some it would be very informative and interesting), but for me I much preferred the fiction and some of the youth memories. The added influence and knowledge of rocket design gives Mr. Hujsak a very special take on science fiction. Some of the recollections of a young boy growing up in New Hampshire are antidotal to the terrible aspects of the Great Depression era. The memory of cars, trucks and other machines are a great timeline of events to some people, Mr. Hujsak is no exception, and while I have no knowledge of what a Federal, a Reo or even a ‘35 Ford Roadster really looks like, the descriptions are good enough to enjoy the stories. As with any short story, the hope is to have enough information given in a way that is easy to follow and understand while still being entertaining. There are a several stories that surpass this, giving just the right amount of information and at the right time to be very enjoyable. If I had to pick just one story out of this book to call a favorite, I would have to go for the light, easy, fun of the science fiction story ‘The Toy’. Changes the way to look at a Martian landing, from just a ‘another mission failure’ to a possibility - maybe.
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Oct 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Childrens - Monster Mish Mash and Other Spare Parts

Monster Mish Mash and Other Spare Parts by Alfred Perry
Digging around and found an box of old books from my own childhood. This is one I thought I would break out for my own kids this Halloween season. I didn't remember how corny some of the jokes are. Between the knock-knock jokes, the one liners and the illustrations, just about anyone would be able to find something to laugh at in this weekly reader published way back in 1976. There were a few of the jokes that I had to explain to my kids at the same time there were a few that for some reason my mind didn't even catch on to, but for overall fun, this will do it enough that my oldest child wants to take it to school to show teachers and friends all the stupid jokes that makes mummies and deadies laugh their heads off. (Sorry had to there is a joke in there like that) ( )

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

e-Book - Joy Ride

I am new to this genre, but this was exciting, fun and hot to read. I like this sample (mini short story). The characters interaction was more than just the sex, it was pretty good characters at that. I would have liked more of them, but that is the constant down fall of short stories. I don't know how natural it is for someone like me to like this kind of story, but I do like it enough to find more like it. I was lucky enough to find a source for other 'free reads' by J.M. Snyder.( )
Oct 20, 2009

e-Book - Caffeine for a Marine

I am new to this genre, if this is a sampling - it was quick and easy to read while it was fun and hot. Since it was a short (mini) story of only 9 pages I was concerned I would not be able to get into the characters, but I was totally surprised at how easy it was to become spell bound. This writing style is all about the sex (erotica) and even though I had read some similar to the intense level that this one is, the naughty feeling made it even sexier. What a great find, a collection of free reads (that I will be taking advantage of). ( )

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Book - Tempt Me At Twilight

London, 1852
Three seasons and still the only prospect of marriage for Poppy Hathaway was a man (Mr. Michael Bayning)who had still not told his father that he wanted to court her. The love letters between the two of them promised marriage, but shortly after being kissed by Mr. Harry Rutledge, the elusive owner of the Rutledge hotel, she was informed that there was no way Michael’s father would ever consent to their being wed. Knowing what he wanted and then getting it was a regular task for Harry and this would be no different. There was something about Poppy, who had stumbled upon one of his secret passageways and then had shown interest in his private collection. He had to have her as his wife, no matter how he had to get her.

Book 3 … Lisa Kleypas has a grasp on historicals that leaves even the most mundane of characters one that you want to watch for again and again. I really enjoyed the inclusion of all the other Hathaways (and husbands). I was not sure about how much I would like Poppy’s story but Harry was a fabulous character and made it easy to like it. While definitely not my favorite Hathaway, Harry is the best villain I have seen in a long time. I also really enjoyed the Catherine Marks parts of the story and am eager to hear more of her story and to see how Lisa Kleypas can give young Beatrix something more than just her critters. ( )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book - Blood Bound

Now that Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson had the werewolves public figure head (Adam Hauptman) as a neighbor, Dr. Samuel Cornick as a roommate and the oddly kind vampire (Stephan Uccello) as a kind of friend and her, with limited abilities other than being a ‘walker’ that shape shifts to be a coyote, what could she do about all the dominant men in her life. When the volume of violence started to increase in the area even her cop friend Tony came to Mercy to ask for help and advice. Having the mistress of the local vampire seethe ask for help even though they knew all the trouble was caused by an out of control sorcerer that had been turned to vampire (making it the vampires problem) that had the ability to control werewolves and vampires alike, left Mercy wondering what else there was about her that no one was telling her. Anyone could see that being immune to most of the magical control that a vampire has might help her defeat this monster, but what would being able to talk to ghosts help.

Book 2 ….. I thought it was over and then I read the last couple of chapters. They weren’t entirely necessary, but it did wrap things up for this story nicely before going to the next. Mercy is quite a unique character. Yet her cast of friends are even better. To have a story that has so many dominant, strong and controlling men yet have the women be the ’weakest’ player and still be able to hold them all together. This character is written in a way that makes her sensible in the a way that attracts the men and the reader to her. This character never takes anything away from any of them either, she may be stuck in the middle of them all but she shows respect to each and yet she is the strongest character. I like that, I just with she would decide. On to the next of the series (Iron Kissed), but there is also the related series (World of Marrok - the werewolves) that I think I want to read also, I will have to figure out which one to get next, but I am enjoying this series and want more of it.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book - Reynold de Burgh

Born sixth of the seven de Burgh brothers and the only one born with a physical defect, Reynold worked hard to keep up with his brothers yet always felt the outcast even in his own family. The decision was made, he needed to leave his home and travel to who knew where. With the addition of Peregrine, they traveled in no particular direction until they stumbled on a village that had only a few remaining residence. With the realization that the man entering her village was a knight, Sabina Sexton used her knowledge of the knights code of honor to convince Reynold and Peregrine to help her by slaying the dragon that had terrorized her and her people for months.

Book 6 ….. This is a story all about heart. The romance of Reynold and Sabina is about each of them and their personal ego. Convincing either of them to believe in themselves as much as others believed in them. Getting either of them to admit to what they are feeling and thinking, that was the suspense of the story. The battle with ‘the dragon’ was interesting but not very … intense (I think that would be the best way to describe it) and a little predictable. While this is the 6th sons story, it is always nice to see the other brothers, but this can be a stand alone without losing any of the emotional effect. Quick and easy read, complete opposite of the ‘Harlequin’ stereo-type, sweet kisses and unspoken wishes leading to a obvious relationship. ( )

Friday, October 9, 2009

Youth - Awakening Consciousness

This is an interactive introduction into metaphysical phenomena (study of the nature of being) . This workbook is geared for young girls. While the workbook gives only a preliminary look at spiritual and universal awareness, it does open doors to thoughts and experiences that some kids may not be exposed to any other way. This kind of awareness can help in self confidences, self appreciations, self awareness and even gives young girls the chance to be happy and peaceful with themselves. The workbook includes fun physical and artistic exercises, some are set up to be done by themselves while others should be done with other girls whether they are friends or family. These exercises will help the girls understand new concepts and gives them different ways of looking at themselves and the world around them.

This book may have talk of chakras, auras, crystals, herbals, and even guardian angels, but really no matter what you believe in, this book is about giving young girls the power and the ability to really believe in themselves. Some of the exercises in this workbook is vague, the description of each activity sometimes lacks direction or doesn’t give a full definition of the concept, but considering the age group that this is geared to, (8 to 10 year olds) the activities are fun enough without perfect knowledge or understanding of the 'whys' and the 'how-comes'. Of all things this book teaches and brings to the attention of girls, the epilogue sums it up the best with a note from the author (Robin Marvel) telling every girl that reads through this book that she is "Amazing". Every girl needs to know that they have the power to make themselves happy, healthy and that they also have the abilities to help others with their peaceful way of life. ( )

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book - Last Scene Alive

Still grieving from the death of her husband, Aurora (Roe) Teagarden was taken a little by surprise with the arrival of Robin Crusoe, her former neighbor and a man she had once dated. Knowing that he had written a book based on the strange murders that had happened in her hometown several years ago didn‘t help, and now the tv movie was about to be filmed in the middle of downtown Lawrencetown. Everyone seemed to be excited about the movie industry being in town, except Roe. She knew that a lot of the story was based on her and her involvement in finding the bodies. During the course of filming, her own stepson (Barrett) is the one who stumbles upon a body, that of the main actress who was to play the part of Roe herself. After so many murders happening around her, surely this one would have nothing to do with her, until it does.

Book 7 ….. To begin with, I miss Martin (the husband), I had always liked him so much more than I ever liked Robin the first time I met him. The mystery was a bit mellow compared to some of the stories Roe has been involved in. I didn’t like some of the personal decisions Roe made on this one either. This is obviously not one of the best of the Aurora Teagarden series (in my opinion), but that will not stop me from reading the next one (Poppy Done to Death) which seems to be the last of the series.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Book - Moon Called

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1) by Patricia Briggs
Being raised by a pack of werewolves gave Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson a certain perspective into their world. Living across the street from one of the top alphas (Adam Hauptman) left Mercy with a constant reminder of what she was, a coyote, a shape shifter, a skin walker that knew of no one else like herself. Having a gremlin for a friend (Zee), a vampire that she kind of trusted (Stephan Uccello), and all of Adam’s pack around her all the time, and then a boy named Mac (a werewolf that had escaped from some sort of testing facility) showed up in her shop looking for work and he needed help. Getting some of the details left Adam injured and Mercy unable to trust his pack, so taking things into her own hands, she enlisted the top alpha of North America (Bran Cornick) and his pack.

Book 1 ….. Interesting combination of werewolves and vampires and witches - oh my! Great action and really interesting characters with some previous history but the reference to the past were done well. Not a romance (in my definition of romance), but there is definitely options. I was not sure about Mercy at first, but she grew on me as a character. There is just something about all that alpha male, all of them wanting to protect and help Mercy - she is going to end up being a very strong character with extraordinary powers that no one can predict (just a guess on my part). I am eager to get my hands on the next of these interesting stories (Blood Bound). ( ****)
October 3, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book - Everything's Coming Up Rosie

Dreading the week long wedding event, Doug Llewellyn made his escape plans with his partner Cam. After having a women walk up to him an kiss him, he was intrigued. As the kisser, Rosie Kilgannon was just trying to ditch the person she had been ‘set up with‘, but now that she had a taste of Doug she was hooked. The confirmed bachelor who never stuck his nose anywhere that it didn’t belong, suddenly found himself in the middle one wedding disaster after another and it could all be traced back to Rosie’s new influence over him. Even the scheduled escape route had bad timing, as did the squirrel population.

Cute, fun and fast paced. Doug never knew what Rosie would say or do next, what a fun break from the normal wedding. Going over the top with the complications, the planner was frantic, the hostess was neurotic, most of the guests were lost while Doug and Rosie were putting obvious assumptions to the test. I really liked both of these characters, he’s making some changes (whether he is ready to or not) and she is the average (wacky but self assured) women. So much happened in such a short time, the wedding celebration took the whole week and the whole week was full of flirting and fun for the main characters.
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