Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book - Storm of Visions

Knowing that she is suppose to be some great psychic and that she is expected to become part of the ‘Chosen Ones’ didn’t mean that Jacqueline Vargha had to like it. She had had enough of (her mother) Zusanes control, so she ran away from it until Zusane sent her top body guard (Caleb D’Angelo) to bring her back. Loving Jacqueline had not been easy for Caleb. First his loyalty to Zusane was all that stopped him. Now going back to her, loving her the way he wanted to would have to be on mutual terms. Meeting the newest of the ‘Chosen Ones’ and finding out that they were in danger would only complicate the relationship, if there was one at all.

Book 1 ….. All about the set up. As a romance this one fell a little short, mostly straight to it, down and dirty sex, even though it was called love making . The relationship had already started, I didn’t feel the connection to the love affair, even with the memory flashbacks - is was a pre-existing condition. There were a lot of characters introduced, the larger concept of the ‘Chosen’ vs. the ‘Others’ and all of their gifts. The main characters didn’t stand out to me (maybe that was because the book was all about the set up). Christina Dodd is a new author for me, so I am interested in reading another (maybe book 2 of ‘The Chosen Ones’ series), just to see if it is the writers style or because it is just about the set up for the rest of the series.
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