Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book - Darkest Whisper

Ever since the Budapest and Greek warriors had mended fences and decided to work together to defeat their common enemy (Galen the keeper of Hope), find the missing relics and secure Pandora’s box, Sabin the keeper of Doubt had wondered at the addition of the women. It seemed to make Maddox the keeper of Violence, Reyes the keeper of Pain and Lucien the keeper of Death weaker. Finding a group of women locked in glass cages did peak his interest as to why the Hunters would keep them. After finding out she (Gwen Skyhawk) was a Harpy, he could understand why the locked her up, he just found himself not liking it. Timid, she had always been, and scared of nearly everything, but after the warriors rescued her, she still had trouble trusting that they would not hurt her as the others had done. The violence she witnessed at the Hunters hands and the pain she felt at her own lack of ability to help them, even though she was feared by so many, still shamed her.

Book 4 …. Another wonderful Gena Showalter, I have missed these demons and their keepers. This book had so much in it from new characters to great fights. Action packed from the beginning. The characters return book after book and just get better and better. The new characters, have so much character to start with this time, all of them are quite impressive. This book gave more of a glimpse into the rest of the Keepers also, very nice to see things from the point of view of Gideon (Lies), Strider (Defeat), and even Torin (Disease). We also get to see possible set ups for future books (anxious to see who is next) over and above the continuing quest for the relics, Pandora’s box and the capture of Galen. Luckily I don’t have to wait too long, the next Lords of the Underworld book (Heart of Darkness) is due to be released January 2010, yeah! ( )

September 3, 2009

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