Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book - Darkest Prison

Spending some much time trying to escape his prison, the Titan God of Strength Atlas was prepared to do anything, even seducing several of his jailors, including the Greek Goddess of Strength, Nike. After the Titans were freed and in turned imprisoned the Greek Gods, Titan found his mind returning to the one Goddess that had marked him with her own name, as punishment for seducing others as well as herself. Now with the hopes of getting her out of his thoughts for good, he turned her own action on her, he marked her with his name.

A mini - story in between the Lords of the Underworld, gives a little more insight into Cronus and his world. The banter between Atlas and Nike is great, the additional information about Sienna is fabulous and gives hope for Paris’s (Keeper of Promiscuity) story to be told after all. As with most of the Lords (even though this isn‘t about one of the Lords), this one got me caught up in the story and gave us more great characters to add to the list of Gods to watch for in the coming stories. ( )

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