Saturday, September 19, 2009

Book - Dark Slayer

Dark Slayer (Dark - Carpathians, book 20) by Christine Feehan
Ivory Malinov was thought dead for centuries, while all five of her brothers chose to become a part of the enemy (vampire), that caused her death. Finding out she is alive only raises suspicions that she may be in league with the last of her brothers. Razvan was a Dragonseeker and everyone knew him to be the worst of traitor’s to the Carpathian people, but after escaping his long captivity by Xavier the most evil Mage anyone had ever know, he was determined to walk into the dawn. The warrior in Ivory couldn’t let the man she found unconscious in the snow face the dawn, especially after realizing that he was her lifemate. As his healing progressed, new information was uncovered that would help Mikhail (Prince of the Carpathian people) and Gregori (their healer) believe that to defeat the Carpathians greatest enemy, they needed the help of this unique couple. Could they be trusted with the fate of the entire species?

Book 20 ….. ai kucak! (oh stars!) I had forgotten in the past several months (while impatiently waiting for this to be published) just how much I enjoy these Carpathian men and women. To be thrown back into it, such a great continuing story, it only took a minute to recall how last Razvan had been portrayed and I wondered for so long, how this character was going to be redeemed enough to be worthy of his own story. I get it now. Both of these characters are strong and they just drew me in. The back story, tragic and pain filled for both, allowed me to see why they desired solitude (and then only each other) but it also showed the strength, courage and patience that they both possess. (As usual) I really enjoyed seeing so many of the other characters from previous books, seeing their continued support and happiness with each of the couples. Not many new characters, a couple of bachelors (I don’t even remember their names). I wish there had been more of a reunion with the DeLaCruz brothers and Ivory - I hope their will be more of this series.

September 19, 2009 (*****)

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