Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book - Daddy

The perfect life - the job, the wife, the house, the kids, the loving parents - Oliver Watson had settled into a life that was exactly what he wanted till the day his wife decided to return to school without any of them. Now Oliver had to be the sole source of income for the family, the supportive son to a mother with Alzheimer’s, the single parent to all of his kids and deal with the loss of his partner and friend of about 20 years. Learning to respond as both parents was a test for this new single father and deciding where the family should go from there now fell on him alone.

A tender and heartwarming story, as many of Danielle Steele’s are, it was written as a modern enough story that it is still possible, actually probable in today’s life, very realistic. The connections between father and kids was the best for me. The moment of realization, for any parent really, that makes you say to yourself, ’I did ok’ is all that any of us can ask for. While the romance was encouraging, it was standard, the family dynamics of this story is what sets it apart. ( )

September 5, 2009

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