Monday, August 24, 2009

Book - Turtle Dolphin Dreams

Turtle Dolphin Dreams by Marian K. Volkman
The concept of being able to communicate with other species on our planet has long intrigued and baffled the human race. None verbal communication with our own kind is almost unheard of. If a species was able to psychically connect with it’s own parents, siblings and mates, would they ever be able to connect to another species? How would that connection begin? How would different species be able to understand each other? Would there be a way for a creature of the ocean (like a dolphin) to ‘talk’ to a creature of the land (like a turtle)? Can a human ever dream of being a part of all that? The information that could be shared and passed along to each participating group could be beneficial to that species and to the world. If only someone was able to ’talk’ to the animals. What can a hibernating turtle named Turtledove tell us about the life of a dolphin? What would we say?

This book caught my attention because of the possibilities. The desire to be connected to others of our own species as well as others. It has been labeled as: Fiction, New Age, Visionary & Metaphysical, that says to me that it is suppose to be a story that describe imaginary people and events, originating not in the physical world, a study of nature and the nature of beings. That being said, this book reads like a memoir of the dolphin as translated and dictated by the turtle to the intended recipient, the human. At times it sounds like a ‘how-to’ in the ways of connecting with other species, while at other times it shows the differences in the way each of them lives their lives. The concept of the ability to connect to others is to me fresh and new, exciting and beautiful. For some people, the way this book is written will be considered quick, easy and straight forward, but for others (like myself) it lacks a personal connection to each of the contributors of the story. It is cut and dry, an exchange of information on an impersonal level. It is fiction with a non-fiction feel (I am not a big non-fiction reader). Still it is a quick and easy read with a beautiful concept. (***)

August 24, 2009

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