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Book - KnockOut

KnockOut (FBI Thriller) by Catherine Coulter
For experienced FBI Special Agent Dillon Savich to find himself on the floor of a bank during a bank robbery was a bit of luck, good and bad. He was able to alert his partner and wife Special Agent Lacey Sherlock of the robbery in progress as well as be there to help take down the bad guys and girls. While the sole survivor of the gang was in the hospital, she was able to escape with the help of the get-a-way driver. While trying to figure out their next move, Dillon received a message from a seven year old girl named Autumn. This little girl seemed to be in his head, able to talk to him from far away. The whole town of Titusville, Virginia was out looking for the missing girl all day, when Sherriff Ethan Merriweather came home and found she had been playing with his animals, he had no idea the trouble that would follow. Running away from her relatives who knew she had the special gift of telepathy, the whole family seemed to be able to do extraordinary thing like control other with one look, her and her mother (Joanna Backman) just wanted to find help from someone they could trust. With information coming from Savich and Sherlock, Ethan and Joanna were able to figure out a way to avoid her husbands family, for a while.

Book 13.…. Another adventure of Savich and Sherlock, this one had so much action in it, it was non stop from the first words, taking on two ’situations’ at one time. There was very, very little romance in this one at all, it was all adventure and suspense (that is good sometimes). I really enjoyed it. I would have liked a little more of Autumn, Joanna and Ethan, so much togetherness in a short amount of time causes for an interesting set of conditions for getting to know each other. This book is part of the series, as usual with Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thrillers, the character creation and the continuing story of previously met characters are great. There is a mention of another ‘psychic’ event from Dillon’s past, while this type of thing has happened a couple of times before, it was fun to see it again. I would say that if you don’t mind the references to other stories, this could be read as a stand alone, but to really get the whole feel of who Savich and Sherlock are, I find reading a series in order is the best, this one included - even though it is 13 books now.

Jul 29, 2009

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