Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book - The Immortal Realm

The Immortal Realm by Frewin Jones
As the festivities of Princess Cordelia and Bryn’s marriage ceremony continued, few took notice of the sick child. Being in the Realm of the Faeries, no one had been sick or died of natural causes in a thousand years, and for it to start so soon after the final victory over the Sorcerer King made the death of the first child even more pronounced. All were stunned to find out that this was only the first to fall ill. Some fingers pointed to the half-Faerie, half-Mortal Princess Tania and her mortal parents, leaving King Oberon little choice but to banish Mr. and Mrs. Palmer back to London with the hopes that the infection they supposedly brought to the Realm would quickly subside with them gone. There could always be another reason for the illness, but not knowing where to look for answers Princess Tania, along with her sister Princess Rathina takes the ‘side step’ between worlds looking for help from a mortal doctor, who could make things better or worse in the end.

Book 4 ….. Think, figure and try to determine the best coarse of action - that is what Tania had to do in this book. Being guided by a dream, relying on faith, making and breaking promises to her Faerie father (King Oberon). A very clear plan of action, but nothing ever goes as it was planned. The emotional tug of war with Edric in this one is another story all it’s own, sometimes I felt his pain more than I felt anything for Tania, but other times her confusion over how to fix or deal with the situation over rode all other story lines. This is such a complex series, just as you think it is about to be over, they have already walked right into another adventure (now you have to wait to read it). The way Frewin Jones can leave you (or at least me) screaming for more is a credit to him in the creation of these simple yet intriguing characters. I anxiously await the release of Book 5 - The Enchanted Quest (which is not suppose to be released till Jan 26, 2010) *sigh* - and the wait begins. (****)

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