Friday, August 7, 2009

Book - Did I Expect Angels?

Did I Expect Angels? by Kathryn Maughan
There was a plan in place for Jennifer Huffaker, after more than a year of trying to cope and move on, Jennifer had finally decided what she needed to do to give her daughter a better chance at a happy life. - Henry had lived his life, he’d been handed ups and downs, gone from poverty in Costa Rica to having a good life in New York. Now in his retirement, Henry has taken a job as a greeter at the local discount store. When he sees Jennifer come in late one night, looking more down than normal, he is determined to tell her about all the blessings he has had and still has in his life with the hope of helping her to realize that she too has her own blessing to count and that count on her.

This style of story telling is very unique to me, having Henry tell Jennifer about his life, while she remembers her own, at first it was hard to get into, but after a while the flow is easier to follow. Henry’s life story seems unrelated to Jennifer in the beginning, but soon it does becomes clear why he is taking the time to tell her. As Jennifer remembers her life and her reasons for that nights errand, it builds her as a character that becomes easy to relate to. Everyone who has had a loss goes through some aspect of the grief that Jennifer feels. While her story was easy to relate to, Henry’s story was a more of a chronological accounting of his life and a lot of it seemed unnecessary. Henry’s story was also made a little more difficult to follow because of the use of Spanish words (I know a little, but not enough to allow this part of the story to flow easily). Nearly all the parts of the story pertaining to his time in Costa Rica, while interesting, seemed unrelated to the main plot of saving Jennifer from herself and it took a long time to get to it, then it was over quickly and I felt as if the ending was rushed. The concept that - everyone can be some ones Angel if you care enough to try - is a great one and this is a touching story to help portray that message.

Aug 7, 2009

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