Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Magna - Dark Hunger

Dark Hunger by Christine Feehan
Chained to a wall by the humans, caught in a trap surely set by a master vampire, Riordan was running out hope. Witnessing the men take more wild animals into the new research building, Juliette and her sister Jasmine needed to save the animals before they were tortured, finding not only animals but a man, nearly broke her heart. Binding themselves together meant one big family.

** 2 star - Several months ago I read the novella version of this story, so I knew what was going to happen. I know several people that like to read Manga books and wanted to see what they were so I thought I would start with a story I knew and liked by an author I liked. This was my first Manga a will probably be my last, apparently I am not the type that likes this version of story telling. The pictures did not seem to fill in the information that I felt was missing, the print words were choppy and seemed to lack all the emotion that I am used to from the Carpathian books. I was disappointed (maybe since I already knew the story) that it didn’t offer more of the information that is needed to really understand the Carpathian men and their need for the bond. If I had just read this one, I never would have liked Riordan or the cousin Solange. I am sure this kind of work appeals to some people, but for me, I need more information. I can create the pictures in my head a lot better (IMO) than Imaginary Friends Studios did.

May 29, 2009

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