Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - Wife for Hire

Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich
Living in the small town of Skogen Vermont, Hank Mallone’s youthful antics were part of town legends - as entertainment. Needing a loan from the bank to expand his business, Hank found that those past mistakes really can impact his future. Coming up with a scheme to convince the whole town that he had become a responsible and stable member of the community led him to New Jersey to find a wife. The only person to respond to his request was Maggie Toone, she was tired of living under her mother and Aunt’s judgments. Maggie had decided she needed someplace quiet to write her book and the offer of a fake marriage might just be exactly what she needed.

***** 5 star - Each of the characters have such a sense of humor and wit that, when put together makes for a laugh out loud story. The mystery of who is breaking into house and why may be a serious concern but how each of the situations turn out is just one more thing to laugh at. From the dinner party with the ex’s showing up and the flaming table to being kidnapped with the housekeeper and her handy-dandy pocketbook this is a loaded with lots of fun and misunderstandings. There is also a love-at-first-sight romance that has a few highs and quickly turns the fake marriage into a real proposition. I have read several of Janet Evanovich’s re-releases and this, so far is my favorite, it has such a great mix of emotions and out right comedy to keep the pages turning. I can actually say I couldn’t put it down till it was done.

June 27, 2009

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