Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - Vision in White

Vision in White (The Wedding Quartet, Book 1)… by Nora Roberts
Four friends since childhood turn a favorite childhood game into a business that each can contribute to. Vows is an all inclusive wedding facility with planning (Parker), catering (Laurel), flowers (Emma) and photography (Mac) all available on site. When a clients older brother (Carter McGuire) steps into Mackenzie (Mac) Elliott’s photo studio unannounced he is momentarily shocked to find her not only partially dressed, but the women version of his only high school crush. Knowing what he wanted, and getting it without making a complete idiot of himself were two totally different things. Cater was not the type that Mac usually found herself attracted to, he was smart, a school teacher, and he was kind. With the track record of her mother’s love life running through her mind, Mac decided she was probably not ever going to get married (ironic considering her job as a wedding photographer), knowing that left Carter with one idea, be patient.

****4 star - Book 1 ….. Great introduction to a whole cast of characters. It was so easy to really like Carter and his gentle (if a bit klutzy) ways. Mac is funny and realistic, she has a temper and she pouts and throws fits and loves her friends and trusts herself with a camera and doubts herself in a relationship - she could be the next door neighbor, she could be anyone. These characters are all so real and this story is so sweet, no tricks, no turns, no twists, just an emotional journey and the epiphany being able to love. I say simple and sweet and sometimes those can be down falls to a story, but this time it is an absolute advantage. Thank you to Nora Roberts for getting back to what you do so well, Romance. I am really looking forward to her next book of this quartet, ‘Bed of Roses’ due out in December 2009.

May 29, 2009

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