Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - Under the Blood Red Moon

Under the Blood Red Moon by Mina Hepsen
Princess Angelica Belanov grew up knowing she was different, she was able to her other peoples thoughts, so she had decided to seclude herself from others to protect herself as well others. Finding that another seemed to have that same gift, gave her hope as a way to control it better. Prince Kourakin was so used to reading other peoples minds that he thought nothing of it, until he realized that the enchanting beauty that had just been in his mind was not of the same race as himself, a vampire. The search for the rouge vampire, the need to track down the newest vampire slayer and now he had to decide how to deal with this human, beautiful as she may be, but still she couldn’t be left knowing about his race.

****4 star - The added combination of paranormal (vampires) and historical romance (set in 1871) was well done. Vampires and all the legends surrounding them could be summed up as legends, the book, the rituals, the ceremonies, the fight scene all down played (but still very well detailed) so that the romance, the emotion of the characters is what the plot of the story revolved around. That emotional link to the characters kept me reading this book (it should have taken much longer to read), I did not want it to end. I really enjoyed this genre and this writer. Couldn’t resist Angelica’s spirit or Alexander’s (for lack of a better word) - change. I would love to find out if Mina Hepsen has written any of this as a series, to visit or re-visit some of these characters would be fun.

July 1, 2009

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