Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book - Stuck in Shangri-La

The sad news that her Uncle Hecuba (Horry) Willikins had passed away came at a good time, Darcie Reed’s boss was unfortunately chasing her around his desk. She quit her job, packed her stuff and headed out to Uncle Horry’s estate (affectionately called ‘Shangri-La’). Saying goodbye to the last of her relatives was going to be hard enough, but the reading of the will made things worse. Finding out that she had to live with her ex-fiancĂ© Cameron Pierce, a picky spoiled cat named Lucky and a cranky possessive housekeeper, Lily for one month if she wanted to get her inheritance was bad enough, but then a long lost Uncle Edwin (who Darc never even knew about), along with his girlfriend Pookie and then the ghost of Uncle Horry all showed up to make things feel even more like a circus. Listening to the ribbit-ribbit of the frog statues is enough to driver Darc and Cam crazy, but maybe not back together as Uncle Horry obviously was trying to do with his strange will request.

Cute, funny and a bit naughty. Hearing (reading) about the intimacies of the older generation is at times weird, but can be funny. I typically like to see the initial ‘falling in love’, but this one had enough of the back story to show that they really hadn’t done the ‘falling’ the first time they were together - they jumped in and then she ran out. Good characters interactions, like between the ghost of Horry and Lucky the cat. I am not a big fan of Darcie, but Cam was open minded and funny and was able to carry the story. On a side note, I have to like any book with so many references to ‘Young Frankenstein’, that has to be one of my favorite movies.
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Jul 15, 2009

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