Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - The Spy Who Wants Me

The Spy Who Wants Me by Lucy Monroe
The new assignment for Elle Gray (Special Agent in the black-ops unit known as ‘The Goddard Project’) was simply to improve security at Environmental Technology Research and Design. Since they had a recent breach in their security, now was the time to get an agent in to see what progress the scientists have had on their different projects. The antigravity project was headed by Dr. Beau Ruston and since the breach was on his project, he was very interested to know what was being done to prevent any further theft. Finding her brother (Matej Chernichinko) working in the facility surprised Elle, now Mat and his girlfriend, Chantal Renaud, seemed to be caught up in the middle of her investigation. Primary goal was the protection of all involved, but with personal feelings involved she is even more determined to get the job done right.

*** 3 star - Book 3... Jammed pack full of ultra alpha males and headstrong, independent women. Almost a cliché - Supermodel type spy hooks up with the sexy Texan brainiac all while trying to unravel a mystery. That mystery is a bit mundane, but the graphic nature of the relationships spices things up. Beau is almost too arrogant, Elle is almost too flexible. Some of the characters are difficult to connect with, but very erotic anyways. Now that I have read book 3, I may just go try and find the rest of the 'Goddard Project' books.

June 23, 2009

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