Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Young Adult - The Seventh Daughter

Finally finding her mother, the Queen, in the mortal world (The Lost Queen, book 2 of The Faerie Path), Princess Tania, her sisters and boyfriend Edric returned to the Faerie Realm to discover that their father, King Oberon had been taken prisoner. Locked away in an amber sphere wrapped with isenmort (metal bands) and then exiled to Ynis Maw (a tiny, inhospitable, prison island) King Oberon was waiting - for his daughters and the fate of the entire Faerie Realm. Witnessing the destruction that the Sorcerer King had brought to the Palace and the surrounding areas, the sisters knew the only hope was for them to find, rescue their father and reunite the King of the Sun with the Queen of the Moon (their mother). The journey was long with many unforeseen obstacles to overcome and many fears to be face for each them.

Book 3 ….. Action packed in a fast a furious search for Oberon. From one end of the Faerie Realm to the other, the descriptions of the different areas and weather patterns was wonderful. I enjoyed the way it picked up within seconds of where the last book (The Lost Queen) left off. There is a lot more interaction with each of the sisters and we get to know each of them so much better. Edric’s role in this book is less ‘wonderful’, he is just a dutiful boyfriend, always in the shadow of Tania. (Without giving too much away), the ending felt like a nice closure to the story, but I know there is another (The Immortal Realm), so I am interested to see were Frewin Jones takes Tania, if Edric plays a bigger part and which of the sisters finds happiness next.
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Jul 10, 2009

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